Carnival Introduces New Vegan Dining Room Menu

Carnival Introduces New Vegan Dining Room Menu

Carnival Cruise Line has added even more options for guests in its dining rooms by introducing its new vegan menus onboard.

The innovative new menus have just been added onboard Carnival Freedom in Port Canaveral and Carnival Horizon at Port Miami. Through a phased approached, the new vegan additions will be implemented fleetwide throughout the rest of the year.

The sparkling new menus will offer guests a selection of entirely vegan appetisers, entrees and desserts at each meal in the ships’ dining rooms, featuring proteins made from meat substitutes and each menu item prepared without the use of animal products.

“Plant-based food options are a rising preference on our ships just as they are on land, and so the new dishes we’re introducing are a direct response to that shift. Our skilled chefs work to accommodate all dietary needs and preferences but building on our vegan offerings and emphasising them with specific menus will help to make ordering easier in the dining room and preparation more efficient in the galley.”

Richard Morse, Senior Vice President of food and beverage at Carnival Cruise Line

Tasty options on the new vegan menus include…


-Hawaiian Salmon Poke: a refreshing starter that combines plant-based salmon, edamame, mango and cucumber.

-Stuffed Mushrooms: four fried mushrooms, stuffed with delicious plant-based cheeses and spinach.

-Spaghetti Carbonara: a flavourful pasta with vegan bacon, onion and garlic (can be ordered as a starter or entrée).


-Grilled Tofu Steak: a savoury tofu steak covered in honey barbecue sauce, accompanied by a Hasselback potato and mixed vegetables.

-Baked Vegetable Au Gratin: a medley of mixed vegetables, combined with vol-au-vent and sprinkled with melted plant-based cheeses.

-Eggplant Cutlet a la Parmigiana: a tasty entrée, covered in savoury vegan mozzarella, topped with pesto and basil leaves.


-Key Lime Velvet Cake: a fruity spin on the classic key lime pie, combining flavours of citrus with raspberry and strawberry.

-Dutch Double Chocolate Pave: with alternating layers of cake and buttercream frosting, this dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream.

-Cappuccino Pot de Crème: a treat with coffee flavours, surrounding cinnamon crème Chantilly.

Having already been piloted onboard Carnival Magic, Carnival Dream will be the next Carnival ship to implement the new vegan-specific menus. Additionally, by the end of this September, guests will be able to order from the menus onboard Carnival Valor, Carnival Radiance, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Panorama and Mardi Gras.

Next on the list, by the end of October, these menus will be available onboard Carnival Celebration, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Glory, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Vista, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Elation. Carnival Paradise and Carnival Spirit will implement the vegan additions by the end of November, and Carnival Legend, Carnival Venezia, and the brand-new Carnival Jubilee will follow before December comes to an end.

As well as the welcomed new vegan additions, Carnival also continue to add other new dishes to its regular dining room menus fleetwide, as part of the cruise line’s ongoing effort to provide more gastronomic variety to guests- including dishes curated by Chief Culinary Officer, Emeril Lagasse, in conjunction with Carnival chefs.

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