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Can You Guess Where All These Cruise Ships Are?

Can You Guess Where All These Cruise Ships Are?

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes these days but we bet you’ve never seen them looking like this!

One of our graphic designers made these ‘planetoids’ a while back and just for fun we thought we’d see if you could guess where these ships are in the world.

To help you we’ve also included a fun fact about each destination… pop your answers in the comments below if you can get all fifteen!

Although there’s a lot of casinos here, if you’re a local it’s illegal for you to gamble. In fact you’re not even allowed to visit them!

This one is easy (we just really liked the picture) but did you know ‘this’ animal’s trunk is strong enough to knock out a lion with a single swing yet delicate enough to pick up a peanut?

There are more churches here per square mile (over 1,600 in total) than anywhere else on the planet! It’s even been in the Guinness Book of World Records with that fact.

This island has a serious problem with climate change and rising ocean levels. In order to draw attention to that fact the president of 2009 moved the cabinet meetings to the bottom of the ocean using scuba gear and specially weighted desks.

This city has a building called the Riddarholmen Church that dates back as far as 1270!

Now we may be making this one too easy but… Tradition states if you kiss under each bridge you pass on a gondola ride you’ll stay in love forever.

Did you know that whilst Red Bull may be world famous now, it was originally invented in this country back in 1976? The inventor died in 2012 worth an estimated $5 billion.

Whilst the Spanish made a few attempts to settle this island its first full-time European residents were actually pirates such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd.

On 28th November, 2012, there wasn’t a single murder, shooting, stabbing or any other incident of violent crime for an entire day. This was the first time this had happened… ever! But can you guess where it is?

This city was once in the Guinness Book of Records for hosting the world’s longest line of pizzas… a staggering 221 meters of them!

Another (fairly) easy one for you! Charles Darwin once visited here and rode a giant tortoise.

This city is so wealthy there are actually ‘cash’ machines that dispense gold bars instead of the local currency (just don’t try to pay your taxi driver with one!)

This city is famous for its bridges (all 2,300 of them) and is seven times bigger than Paris!

According to research the residents of this city have the world’s fastest walking speed, at an average of eighteen meters in 10.55 seconds or 6.15km an hour!

Despite what many people think this city isn’t actually the capital of its country.

How have you done?

Did you manage to guess all the cities? Could you do it by sight or did you need our clues?

For bonus points can you also name all the ships in them?

Add your answers in the comments below…

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