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Cruise To Cagliari: The Most Italian City Break Of Them All

Cruise To Cagliari: The Most Italian City Break Of Them All

If you want to go to Italy, you want to go to Italy. So make sure you’re choosing a city full to the brim of its culture: from its wine to its history, from its spaghetti to its traditions!

You might be surprised to hear that Cagliari is one of Sardinia’s most Italian cities, and who doesn’t enjoy breaking the mould these days? Rome, Venice and Milan can wait (no doubt, you’ve ticked them off your list already!)

Think cafes tucked under arcades, Vespas whizzing around the cobbled streets, a hub of summer life as well as a city proud to wear its history on its sleeves; expect all sorts from Cagliari…

Take a Hike

Reach the Height 

The lagoon and curving coastline is a sight you need to view from a height, so make sure you find a place to really appreciate it all!

Head to the art museum next to the cathedral and descend through the narrow, cobbled lanes opposite the cathedral entrance; you’ll come to the Elephant Gate, a stone elephant standing opposite you. Keep wandering down the path for more exciting views of Cagliari…


Equally you can take a two-stage lift at the north side of a multi-storey car park on Viale Regina Elena that will elevate you so you witness exceptional views across Villanova, whilst you see how the Castello district rises from the raw rock. Not something you’ll forget too soon!

Dining with the Locals

Food Galore

Wander to Pula very near Cagliari and you will come across the prettiest town you’ve ever seen, and it is of course found in the old town.

The downtown street is decorated with colorful sunshade umbrellas over the street for the most picturesque surroundings…your holiday photos will never have looked like this before.


The main street for dining is Via Sardegna in the Marina quarter with more than a dozen restaurants waiting to serve you their finest Italian dishes.

One eatery may not be the fanciest but it sure is the most interesting; Trattoria Lilliccu looks just like it did when it opened in 1983. Its narrow and austere setting with the walls decorated in black-and-white photographs, the atmosphere will really add to the experience.

Culture Stop

History Throwback 

A city known for its fine collection of antiquities has a fantastic exhibition for you to see at its archaelogical museum; these fearsome 9th-century BC sandstone statues with geometric features were once guardians of aristocratic Nuragic tombs.


They are a starry compliment to an already stellar collection of Roman artefacts, Phoenician pottery and some mesmerisingly life-like ex-votos from Nuragic tombs. So if you’re really into cracking the culture of your latest city break, Cagliari has what you want…

Beach it Up

Sandy Scenes

It’s not a holiday without a trip to the beach so note that east of Cagliari lies a saline lagoon, populated by flamingos, and beyond that is the beach named Poetto!

You’ll find a fascinating range of buildings: from derelict hotels and down-at-heel amusement park in the north, to extravagant villas with gardens spilling with palms and flowers at the south.


Or you can head to Mare Morto, Tharros, where the waters are a serene and clear blue against the soft white sand. But it won’t just be this that catches you eye; the golden ruins scattered on the hill above the beach will bless your eyes with a stunning memory!

Have you been to Cagliari? Which is your favourite city in Italy? Do you prefer cruising around Europe or do you like to go somewhere further afield? Leave us your comments and thoughts below!

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