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BYOB: Fred Olsen Make The Big Move

BYOB: Fred Olsen Make The Big Move

Fred Olsen have just jumped on the environmentally-friendly trend and is making the move to reduce single-use plastics.

The cruise line introduces to you…Refill!

Brought to you by City to Sea, Refill is the award-winning campaign with over 20,000 water refilling stations across the UK.

This makes it so much easier to top up your reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic one.

In light of National Refill Day, Fred Olsen want passengers and fans to join their genuine efforts to protect the beautiful places we live in and adore to travel to!

The line have even installed water refilling stations across their ships so by bringing your reusable bottle with you on your cruise, you’ll help to prevent plastic pollution from flowing into rivers, seas and oceans.

Green Initiatives

What Fred Olsen Has Put In Place Already

-Single-use plastic water bottles are no longer available to purchase on board

-In guest rooms, plastic water bottles have been replaced with glass carafes (replenished daily)

-Bar staff are on-hand to fill water bottles for guests

-Guests can purchase refillable bottles in the on board shop

-Re-seable water cans can be purchases onboard then refilled and recycled

-Single-use plastic straws, cutlery and coffee cups are no longer available

-The consumption of clingfilm in The Galley has been significantly reduced

-Ropes are now used to secure items during rough seas, instead of plastic

-New linen bags have replaced plastic laundry bags

Fred Olsen wish to stress to cruisers that a million plastic bottles are brought around the world every minute and it’s predicted that figure will rise by another 20% by 2021.

You can download the Refill app today to find your nearest station and become a ‘Refill’ champion.


Click here to start saving the environment with Fred’s!

What do you think of Fred Olsen’s news on making a big move to help the environment? Would you use the refill stations around the ship? How impressed are you with the list of what the line has achieved so far? Let us know below!

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