Bucket List Cruising – Fully Escorted China Part Two

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team are happy to bring you part two of “Fully Escorted China With The Great Wall And Nine Village’s Valley,” – the Bucket List Cruises tour that takes you to the heart of Asia to discover the delights of the orient.

In the first section (which you can read here) we travelled to see the Leshan Buddha, the Dazu stone carvings, saw dinosaurs and visited pandas but there’s still so much more to come!

So read on for part two of the adventure and learn more about this trip of a lifetime…



Day 8 – Mianyang

On day eight you’ll stay overnight in Mianyang. This small town has 2,200 years’ worth of history and is known for its quiet yet metropolitan atmosphere. Your time here will give you the chance to visit Fule Mountain or Nanhu lake, which are both tranquil areas of natural beauty.


For a more cultural visit you could take a trip to the Holy Water Temple or the Yellow Dragon Temple of Songpan County. Both offer an insight into Chinese beliefs and religion, as well as providing great photo opportunities.

Your accommodation is right next to the commercial centre of Dujiagyan (a district of Mianyang), where you can wander around the shops, local restaurants and bright lights as you relax in the evening.


Days 9 & 10 – Nine Villages Valley

The Nine Villages Valley is one of China’s best hidden tourist spots. Re-discovered by accident in 1972, this area of outstanding natural beauty has since wowed guests with its wonderland feel. You’ll venture through this national park on a high altitude walk which is the best way to appreciate the beauty of this area.

nine villages valley

Afterwards you could take the time to walk around the pristine Changhai Lake. Don’t believe us when we say it’s one of the most beautiful lakes we’ve ever seen? Then check out the below!



Day 11 – Mao County

Located in the Sichuan Province, Mao County is nearby to the beautiful Huanglong Scenic Area. Huanglong literally translates as “yellow dragon,” so called because of the calcium and rock formations winding through the valley like the body of a beast. The surrounding area is a stunning array of waterfalls, hot springs, snow-capped mountains and forests.


Day 12 – Chengdu

On day twelve spend a final night back in the town of Chengdu. Head back to your favourite spots or else explore something you didn’t have a chance to see on your previous visits!


On your way to Chengdu you will also visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project – which is one of the oldest irrigation systems in the world. The Minjiang River and surrounding forests are an incredibly peaceful spot and the Fulong temple nearby is said to be the site where an evil dragon was once slain…

If you want to find out what else you can do in Chengdu, click here.


Day 13 – Beijing

On day thirteen you’ll fly to the capital of China, Beijing. Upon arrival you’ll visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City to appreciate the scale and wonder of the complexes China can create. In a city so full of fast paced people, the tranquil gardens of the Summer Palace that you’ll visit will seem an impossible oasis.

You’ll then have free time where you could soak up the old Beijing in the hutongs or try your hand a haggling in the pearl markets. Alternatively, wine and dine in one of the cities many Peking duck houses where this globally famous cuisine first began.

If you’d like to read our in-depth guide to Beijing, click here.


Day 14 – Great Wall of China

On day fourteen you’ll travel to the Great Wall of China, to see one of the greatest feats of human engineering. The wall was originally 5,500 miles long and is one of the wonders of the world.

The great wall

The Juyongguan section of the wall is 37 miles long and known for the Buddhist Temple and Chinese zodiac animal statues situated alongside it. There are even some life size terracotta warriors nearby and is also less crowded than other sections.

Prepare to be awed and amazed at the scale and grandeur of this magnificent feat of human engineering. Climbing to the top of a section of wall and looking out at the surrounding misty hills will be a memory that stays with you for a lifetime.

The Great Wall

At this point, you’ve finished the second section of the Bucket List Cruise, with one section left to go!


Read the final instalment of this trip here or see the full overview and prices for the trip here!

If you missed part one of the adventure, you can catch up here!

Alternatively, watch the following video for an overview of the whole trip below!


Would you consider this trip of a lifetime?
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