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British Airways Announce That Cuts Are On The Way For Economy

British Airways Announce That Cuts Are On The Way For Economy

Airline giant British Airways have announced that they will no longer offer second meals for economy passengers on flights under 8 ½ hours long. It has been said that this will also affect premium economy travellers on flights less than 7 hours.

The new rules were introduced last month and now passengers will only be allowed one meal on board, and that they will have to top up on snacks if they grow hungry before they land.

One of the most popular destinations is New York which is a 7 – 8-hour flight from London Heathrow, so passengers could be in for a long flight with only one meal. Imagine boarding at 12pm and landing at 7pm… You’d have to choose between lunch or dinner!

Despite the cuts it has been said that the choices of food, snacks and alcohol will not be affected as a result, and passengers will be able to receive the same options as before.

A Spokesman for British Airways said: “We offer customers on all of our transatlantic flights a three course meal, bar service and snacks and on our longer transatlantic flights, including to the west coast, customers are offered an extra meal during the flight.

“We regularly review our catering to ensure we are investing where it matters most to our customers.”

The rising cost of food appears to be an increasing trend as last week saw Holland America increase the prices for specialty dining and food package costs.

This could well be a sign of the times, as the pound weakens we’re set to see costs rise on a great number of things, food prices included. So we may stand to see the prices of dining increase further yet.

What do you think? Do you think you should be entitled to a second meal on board your flight? Will we see food prices rise more yet? Let us know in the comments!

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