Britain’s Gale Force Winds Delay P&O’s Oriana

Yesterday P&O’s Oriana sailed into some rough seas when the high winds battering the UK delayed Oriana making port at Southampton’s Ocean Terminal.

Winds travelling at speeds of 50 knots delayed Oriana from docking for several hours and further delayed passengers boarding the ship by 24 hours.

A 24 hour cruise delay is never fun but P&O graciously gave passengers who had their sailing delayed a 50% refund of the price of the cruise – very generous!

P&O gave this statement;

“Notice to those passengers joining Oriana today.

“Unfortunately due to the high winds gusting in excess of 50 knots we are unable to move Oriana to a terminal where we could embark passengers safely today. Therefore regrettably we have taken the decision to delay the next cruise by 24 hours. Both ports of call will be maintained and passengers will receive a refund of 50% of the price of their holiday. Passengers on the current sailing will remain on board until later tonight or tomorrow. We sincerely apologise for the delay and disruption.”

The Oriana eventually managed to dock in the Ocean Terminal today (April 1st) to welcome passengers for the next cruise – passengers departing from the last voyage and boarding for the next were all apologised to profusely and passengers that had to stay aboard the ship overnight were treated to complimentary wine and bar remained open throughout the night.

P&O followed up with a second statement to update passengers on the situation;

“A further update for passengers currently on board or due to join Oriana.

“Having looked at the weather forecast, Oriana is planning to leave its current position around 7.30pm this evening to move to the Ocean Terminal. Once the ship is secured then luggage will be off loaded into the terminal. Those passengers who wish to leave the ship will then be able to do so around 9pm.

“For those staying on board tonight all bars will remain open and there will be a full programme of entertainment as well as dinner with complimentary wine. Passengers joining Oriana for the next cruise will be boarding from lunchtime tomorrow and will receive a 50% refund on the price of their holiday due to the 24 hour delay.”

Today the Oriana heads towards Belgium before being due to return to her homeport on April 4th.

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