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Breaking News: MSC Cruises Just Scrapped Gratuities!

Breaking News: MSC Cruises Just Scrapped Gratuities!

MSC Cruises has just revealed a big announcement…

From June 25th 2019, the line will include the daily service charge as part of the cruise fare!

Gratuities will be at no extra cost to the customer and any bookings made after this date will be subject to the new terms and conditions

Any bookings made before this date, regardless of departure date, will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of booking, that state service charge will be included as part of the onboard invoice.

However it is optional and can be removed on board at the request of the guest.

Antonio Paradiso, MSC’s Managing Director UK & Ireland, stated: “The decision has been made in order to simplify the booking process and ensure the best possible onboard experience for our guests.” 

Guests should note that no action is required from guests in order to make this change as any changes will be automatically processed via the booking system.

P&O Cruises also announced the decision to scrap gratuities altogether last year which was valid from May 2019.

P&O Cruises commented on the matter: “We take huge pride in giving you a holiday that’s truly memorable and special and our team on board is committed to providing exceptional service during your time with us.”


Click here to cruise gratuity-free with MSC!

What do you think of MSC removing the service charge? Have you been waiting for this to happen? How much will this affect your budget? What did you vote in our poll? Let us know below…

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