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The Big Debate On Cunard’s Footsteps: Should Other Cruise Lines Allow Pets Onboard?

The Big Debate On Cunard’s Footsteps: Should Other Cruise Lines Allow Pets Onboard?

As it stands, Cunard is the only cruise line to allow travellers to bring their cats and dogs onboard (note that is strictly onboard Queen Mary 2).

The unique service was offered for years onboard Queen Elizabeth 2 but by the time Queen Mary 2 had completed her 100th Transatlantic Crossing in 2008, over 450 pets had crossed the North Atlantic on the liner!

QM2’s Kennel Programme is available on all crossings between New York and Southampton in either direction, and is overseen by a full-time Kennel Master whose responsibilities include feeding and walking the pets as well as cleaning the 12 kennels.

Guests planning on bringing their pets onboard Cunard should note the details below:

-Travelling dogs and cats receive a complimentary gift pack and other animal amenities

-The kennels and adjacent indoor and outdoor walking areas are open throughout the day, enabling guests to spend significant time with their pet

-Reservations for the kennels may be made at the time of booking, but are based on space availability

-Food is provided for all of the animals, but if a guest has a special request for a particular brand or would prefer to bring their own, that is no problem

But what are your thoughts on this debate? Do you want other cruise lines to allow pets onboard, or should it stick to Cunard? Have your say below…

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