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The Best of British Book Early And Here’s Why

The Best of British Book Early And Here’s Why

Feeling VIP is something we accept we may never truly feel (maybe we’ve just become so used to standing in a queue for anything worth having).

But believe us when we say that booking your cruise early with P&O gets you straight on the guestlist, and it could not be easier than pre-registering like the early bird you are at heart.

And you know what VIP means…Very Important Person. And very important people get very important perks; welcome to six of them you’ll be familiar with very soon…


6-New Itineraries & Brand New Ports of Call

Who doesn’t like being VIP? If you choose to book early this time, you’ll be straight on the guestlist to find out BRAND NEW information that no other cruisers know of.


If you can keep a secret, you’re in.


5-Best Price & Exclusive Discounts

We wouldn’t expect you to sign up to anything early without any exclusive discounts- what would the point?! And if you’re a past passenger of P&O, feel free to set your expectations high…


You’ll most definitely be claiming a special discount for cruising with P&O before! You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.


4-Your Choice of Stateroom

Booking your cruise early isn’t just about feeling organised; it means never feeling seasick again, it means sleeping easy at night and it means a short walk back after a late one in the casino.

This is all because of being first in line to pick your stateroom…


Pick a middle lower cabin to avoid the motion of the ocean, pick a cabin close to the lifts to avoid getting lost in the corridors after hours and pick a stateroom away from the nightclubs to make sure you’re not relying on earplugs too heavily.

Book early and you’ll be sat right in the driver’s seat!


3-Low Deposits

The catch DOES NOT exist when you book early for cruises. In fact, the catch only makes an appearance if you book late!


Pre-register now and you will only be dealing with low deposits so it’s impossible for this cruise to break the bank. Welcome to the easy life, you’ve made it.


2-Preferential Treatment

Cruisers who book early are our favourites, and what famously happens to favourites? Special treatment.


Just by clicking to pre-register for P&O‘s 2019/2020 cruises, we’ll give you exclusive early access to new cruises before they hit general sale aswell as priority choice for a whole lot of other things.

It takes one click to find out…


1-Free Onboard Spend

There’s only one question left to answer before pre-registering for P&O‘s 2019/2020 cruises- it’s so simple…

If you selected the bottom answer, you’ll be paying extra for speciality restaurants, excursions and drinks so prepare for your savings to take more of a knock than they would if you booked early.

If you picked the top answer, pop the champagne and get the countdown to your P&O cruise started!

Click Here To Pre-Book for your 2020 Summer P&O Cruise! 


What are your big plans? Will you be pre-registering for P&O? Which perk are you most excited for? Is it the free money onboard or having first pick of your stateroom? Leave us your comments…

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