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5 Reasons Why Cruising From The UK Is The Way Forward

5 Reasons Why Cruising From The UK Is The Way Forward

There’s no doubt about it; cruising out of the UK is starting to champion fly cruises for good.

With recent news of airport delays becoming more and more frequent due to new EU regulations, post-Brexit has made the decision a lot easier for us.

Cruising out of the UK guarantees us no queues at passport control, border checks, immigration areas and bag-drop like fly-cruises do- no fuss, no hassle!

With a port right on your doorstep and a vast variety of cruises, from two-nighters to round-the-world trips, this is a no brainer. So without further ado, here are five reasons why cruising out of the UK should be your first thought when booking your next holiday…

1- Your Convenience Put First

With the choice to sail from either Southampton (the country’s cruise capital), Dover, Tilbury, Hull, Newcastle, Liverpool, Harwich, Bristol, Portsmouth, Rosyth and Leith, there’s a cruise suited to everyone.

The mega cruise lines you least expect to be bringing the biggest and best to your local port have exciting news guaranteed to please…

2- Start Near, Go Far

You might think that to experience somewhere incredible, you must first fly to somewhere incredible. But this isn’t true! All you have to do is pop down to your local port, wherever that may be, and your cruise can take you to some really amazing places.

You can witness the Northern lights, cruise through the Mediterranean, hit the Baltic, get to sunny Spain without the four hour flight and be in the centre of charming cities like Bruges and Amsterdam before you can even say cheers!


3- What You Want Will Come To You

Don’t forget, just because you’re stood in rainy Liverpool or damp Portsmouth doesn’t mean amazing things can’t make their way to you…

Last year, the world’s largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas, made its debut in not-so-sunny Southampton, bringing even the non-cruisers out to take their own photo of the huge vessel sitting at port looking very special indeed.

UK ports are absolutely not underrated, and your cruise should be as convenient and magical as possible, so don’t hesitate to choose an incredible ship or cruise line with the fear you must fly out to them!


4-The Early Bird Catches The Best Cruise!

There was once a time where cruising was a lot more niche and the budding travellers amongst you were still opting for a familiar flight over to your favourite destinations.

But nowadays, the expert cruisers are always the ones feeling most relaxed, and this for one reason only: they know UK cruises will sell out first!

And the benefits of booking early don’t stop there either- you’re guaranteed a low deposit, securing the cabin of your choice and don’t forget about them all important past-passenger discounts…

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5- No Hassle, No Fuss

Your holiday should start as soon as you start the first leg of the journey, even if this is on your trip to your local port!

Similarly, if you’d chosen a fly cruise, your holiday would start as soon as you reach the airport. But who wants part of their holiday to include lengthy queues for passport control and bag drop?

Enjoy a (hopefully) short enough trip to your local port and as soon as you’re all checked in, you can sit back and relax waiting to board your ship, and as soon as you have done it’s straight to the buffet or deck for your first proper view of the sea! Then the whole cruise is yours to choose what to do first…


But, what is your stance? Do you always choose to cruise out of the UK? Which is your favourite port? Are you more of a fly-cruise fan? Leave us your comments below…

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