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Battle of the Britannia’s

Battle of the Britannia’s

P&O cruises have just announced that none other than H.M The Queen will be naming the newest ship in their fleet, Britannia, (as we reported here).

Whilst it’s always an honour to be asked to name any cruise ship, especially one as modern as Britannia we can’t help but wonder if it was slightly insensitive to ask H.M The Queen to name a ship called Britannia; after all, it wasn’t that long ago she had her own ship by that name……


For anyone that didn’t know, the British monarchy have had their own private yacht ever since King Charles II was restored to the throne. In fact HMY Britannia is the 83rd such vessel!

Unfortunately (or fortunately we suppose depending on your political leanings) the monarchy lost the use of a royal yacht in 1997.

John Major had committed to replacing HMY Britannia with a newer yacht if he was re-elected but after he lost the election Labour announced the yacht would be retired and no replacement commissioned.

Do you think as the naming ceremony progresses and Her Majesty gets closer to naming P&O’s Britannia she’ll be comparing the two in her head?

We did! And as the www.CRUISE.co.uk team are such big fans of P&O and not wanting anything to happen to spoil the naming of their newest ship we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet comparing the two ships so that HM The Queen won’t be distracted!


HMY Britannia vs MV Britannia infographic

Which would you prefer to take a cruise on?

The luxury of a Royal Yacht or the modern cruise ship Britannia with all it’s facilities?

If you’re interested in a cruise on Britannia then you can see all the best offers here  

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