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Azura comes to the rescue

Azura comes to the rescue

The P&O Cruises’ ship Azura has rescued three people who were struggling for survival in the Caribbean.

Off the coast of Grenada, the group was in a small boat when staff aboard the cruise ship noticed them and came to their aid, Travel Weekly reports.

The captain identified that they were in a poor physical condition and the trio were taken into the on-board medical centre.

P&O Cruises marketing director Christopher Edgington highlighted how the ship’s role was to help any other vessel or seafarer who is in danger, as stipulated by international maritime law and the duty of everyone at sea.

“We commend the actions of Azura’s captain and crew, who performed admirably, acting swiftly to save other seafarers,” he commented.

The trio were later taken to Grenada, thanks to the coastguard. Azura is on its way to St Lucia and will arrive there today (December 1st), on schedule.

This follows a recent incident where the Saga Pearl 2 ship had to make a detour to come to the aid of a sailor who was in danger on a nearby yacht. Read more about this article here.

Have you been on a cruise that helped out some stricken seafarers?

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