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Azamara Offer Virtual Reality Tours

Azamara Offer Virtual Reality Tours

You are now able to fully immerse yourself in the action of your cruise ship experience first-hand before sailing!

Yes you read that right- Azamara club cruises have become the first cruise line to introduce a virtual reality tool to allow their guests to experience life on board their cruise ships.

Pictures of the cruise ship? So last year! The Oculus Rift is a new form of technology that takes the shape of a pair of large glasses which cover your face from the bottom of your nose up. They enable you to have a 360degree view of the video you are watching so when you turn around you will be able to see your current view from all angles, allowing you to feel as if you’re really there!

Azamara have created a 3DI (which stands for Development, Dimensional, Diagnostic Interview) 360 degree experience, this allows the watcher to consume information without reading or researching it, but most importantly- its great fun, and a brand new experience! When watching this video you can;

  • Tour the ship
  • Zip line through a Costa Rican rainforest
  • Go on a moonlit carriage ride in Cartagena
  • Go sailing through the panama canal

Larry Pimentel, president and chief executive of Azamara Club Cruises said: “Committed to destination immersion by ensuring guests have longer stays in port, more overnights and night touring on all voyages, we continue to redefine the luxury cruise experience for the next generation.

Equally, we invest in our guests’ experiences both on and off our ships which begins with their first Azamara touch point. 

As travellers and travel partners research our offerings and itineraries, we need to arm them with the best tools possible to ensure they have the resources they need to make a well informed decision about which voyage is best for them. 

Our new Azamara 3DI experiential series will be a game-changer in vacation planning.”

Managing director UK and Ireland, Richard Twynam, added: “We are thrilled to be able to use Oculus Rift technology to demonstrate the Azamara difference to loyal and prospective guests, and we hope that this travel experience will inspire future holidays with us.”

The first showcasing of the new Oculus Rift technology will showcase at the inaugural Aspire digital summit on the 29th of June at the savoy.

Have a look at people experiencing the Oculus Rift for the first time by watching the clip below.



View the Azamara experience online at


Would you be interested in finding your cruise ship through this form of technology? Leave us a comment on what you think.



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