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Exclusive: Ask Your Burning Questions To A World Famous Cruise Ship Captain

Exclusive: Ask Your Burning Questions To A World Famous Cruise Ship Captain

Following on from the past few months of cruise-related news, the www.CRUISE.co.uk are giving you the chance to ask a retired cruise ship captain everything you’ve ever wanted to know, from all things behind-the-scenes to specific events of cruise ship past.

2016 brought to the cruising world a series of events: the launch of many magnificent new ships (including the world’s largest ever ship), the Brexit vote along with currency and travel concerns from holidaymakers, cruise ship collisions, the first LGBT river cruise, a mobile phone app that replaces your passport, the ban on cruises calling at Cuba lifted, several cruise lines continuously increasing gratuity prices, and that’s to name a few!

And although the first two months of 2017 have only brought a few drastic news stories to our attention (including the ultimate failure of two British cruise lines, a multi-million dollar makeover here and there and the relieving rise in the value of the British pound), we thought it was about time that we hear a real expert’s thoughts on these matters.

We have exclusively tracked down a world famous cruise ship captain, ready to be interviewed live before your eyes! But we want to know your thoughts…

It’s your chance to finally ask a real cruise ship captain on all things cruise-related that you’ve always been dying to know! Whether it be his opinion on the topics that never fail to come up (gratuity prices, dress codes, smoking on balconies) or what it’s really like to sail a ship, or even what royals he has sailed with onboard Cunard…


We’ve even asked our cruise community what their burning questions are and you can read the whole conversation for inspiration here!

Leave your questions in the comments below and our exclusive interview with perfect Captain will give you all the answers…

Bulletin Editor

Editor and Creative Copywriter of Cruise.co.uk's bulletin blog, bringing you cruise news, tips and guides daily! - Contact: bulletineditor@cruise.co.uk

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