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An Introduction To Cunard Cruises: Glamour, Grandeur & Elegance Combined

An Introduction To Cunard Cruises: Glamour, Grandeur & Elegance Combined

Have you ever sailed with Cunard before? Prepare yourself for a unique treat, the first difference you may notice compared to some younger cruise lines is the surprising amount of space onboard: from broad open decks to beautiful atriums, you are equally sure to find yourself a peaceful place as a lively activity – you’ll always find somewhere to suit the way you feel.

Their beautiful ships typify the grandeur they’ve specialised in ever since 1840 and are a unique, one-of-a-kind cruising experience. A Cunard cruise will always bring a memorable cruise experience that celebrates their 180-year history of world-famous White Star service, unforgettable ships and cultured voyages.

Is There a “Typical” Cunard Traveller? 

Many people aspire to travel with Cunard because of their renowned reputation. Chic and stylish restaurants, bars and events attract multigenerational passengers from all walks of life. 

Cunard has come to be perceived by some new audiences as being old, scruffy, formal and rule-based. In reality, the Cunard experience is quite the opposite. True, there are some onboard traditions (not rules), but Cunard is far more informal and relaxed than is expected. 

The mix of international guests on-board will allow passengers to have fascinating conversations over sumptuous multi-course dinners whilst enjoying the company of other like-minded cruisers.

Did you know? Cunard attracts plenty of celebrity passengers and have carried everyone from Charles Dickens to Mick Jagger across the ocean! Past guests include Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Taylor, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

Meet The Fleet

Queen Mary 2Queen Mary 2

The largest of the Cunard ships, the Queen Mary 2 is a whopping 148, 527 tonnes and can accommodate 2,594 passengers and 1,254 crew members.

Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria

Sailing since 2007, Queen Victoria carries 2,014 passengers and is 90,000 tonnes. She was christened by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth

Setting sail in 2010, Queen Elizabeth is Cunard newest liner. It is capable of sailing in the Panama Canal, carries 2,068 passengers and weighs in at 90,000 tonnes.

2022 will see the arrival of the fourth ship to be added to the fleet. The ship is yet to be named but will be the second-largest ship within the Cunard fleet and is set to reimagine the luxury cruise experience with a whole range of unique and exciting amenities to feature onboard.

The Grills Experience

On board all three Queens, in the exclusive comfort of our Grill Suites you’ll experience the very best, embodied by Cunard signature traits: attentive service and even more space to relax in luxury.

A ‘Grill’ is simply how Cunard refers to their top of the line suite accommodation; Princess Grills and Queen Grills offer intimate luxury on a grand scale, enhancing the cruising experience with exclusive benefits with the Queens Grills being the more luxurious of the two.


An example of these benefits is the fact that some suites can have up to 2,249 square feet of floor space! These rooms also have upgraded linens, duvets, bathrobes and bath soaps.

You’ll also have priority embarkation, fresh strawberries waiting for you when you arrive as well as a chilled bottle of champagne or wine. You even have an atlas in your room, fresh fruit delivered daily and have a choice of nine different pillows.

The Queens Grills even offer you the use of a private butler, evening canapés, suite cocktail parties and complimentary bar set ups. You can also order from the full grills menu to dine in your suite.

A team of specialists will contact you 65 days before you sail to discuss your individual requirements, spa reservations, dining requests and medical needs. Your maître d’ will greet you by name, leaving you feeling like a VIP!


Grills guests also have an enhanced dining experience- even if you decide against Grills suites you’ll find Britannia accommodation similar to “deluxe” staterooms on other cruise lines!

Did you know? The Grills tradition began aboard Queen Mary in 1936 when guests paid an extra tariff for an evening of dining and dancing in the sophisticated Verandah Grills. It proved so popular that the concept continued and evolved into the Grills experience that we know today!


Dining Experience

Cunard offers classic cuisine with traditional dining format and seating in which you are assigned a set table in a main dining room throughout your voyage.

Every category of accommodation (whether this be Britannia, Princess or Queens Grill) is paired with their own restaurant. This means that as you might expect, the Queens Grill restaurant is the most exclusive of the lot!


The Queens Grill and Princess Grill restaurant on all ships offer elegant dining venues with a la carte menus and wine lists. There is also tableside cooking, carving and flambés as an exclusive added touch.


But these aren’t the only venues that make Cunard’s dining exceptional, as all ships also have alternative dining venues (for an additional cover charge.)

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria offer the distinctive Mediterranean cuisine of celebrity chef Todd English, whilst Queen Elizabeth features food by Jean-Marie Zimmermann.

Other great restaurants include Bamboo and Coriander on Queen Victoria, which offer a taste of Asia and India.

Queen Mary 2 offers the unique Kings Court, (an area of four distinctive cuisines, including La Piazza (Italian cuisine) and Lotus (a Far East special seven-course tasting menu.)


Queen Elizabeth has Jasmine (pan Asian cuisine), Aztec (regional Mexican cuisine) and Asado (South American cuisine.)


If you find yourself craving some home comforts then don’t worry- the on-board pub, The Golden Lion, serves traditional British favourites such as fish and chips, beef and Guinness pie and Shepherd’s pie. You can also enjoy a pint and a game of darts.


Did you know? The Queen Mary 2 uses 7000 boxes of strawberries each year, its annual tea consumption would fill an Olympic style swimming pool and the annual sugar consumption would make eight million scones!

Entertainment On-board

Cunard cruises are designed to be relaxing, to give you a break from the rest of the world, and indulge in the finer things in life.

The Canyon Ranch Spa Club aboard Queen Mary 2 is among the largest on any ship, allowing you to step away from everyday stresses and have a truly refreshing holiday.



However, a relaxing experience doesn’t mean that there is little to do on-board! If luxury is what you’re after, then have afternoon tea in each ships Queens Room, freshly brewed in a Wedgwood teapot.

Whilst Cunard didn’t invent afternoon tea, few cruise lines respect its importance like Cunard!

Did you know? If you prefer the stronger stuff, then martini mixology and wine tasting classes are also available…


Another classy entertainment option is Cunard’s ballroom dancing. Their ships offer the largest and grandest dancefloors at sea, to the accompaniment of live big bands.

You can dance the night away in your formal attire at these musical spectaculars with some balls accompanied by the full theatre audience to provide the ultimate glamourous experience.


There are also Gentlemen dance hosts available to ensure single ladies get a chance to dance, and classes to brush up on your ballroom.

The “Royal Nights” on-board are the themed balls which revive swing, tango and Latin dancing. Examples of their themes include Captains Black and White Ball, The Royal Ascot Ball, Buccaneer Ball, Masquerade Ball and the Big Band Ball.


Each ship has a Royal Court Theatre which can rival those on land! With up to one thousand two hundred seats and private boxes available on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, the theatre can be a great evening’s entertainment.


The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) even offer workshops about the Queen Mary 2, which include “finding your voice,” “filling the space” and “speaking the speech.”

The only planetarium at sea is showcased on Queen Mary 2 and shows documentaries made by the American Museum of Natural History, narrated by famous celebrities.


These include the fascinating shows such as “The search for life: are we alone?” narrated by Harrison Ford, “passport to the universe” narrated by Tom Hanks and “cosmic collisions” narrated by Robert Redford.

The 3D theatres also show current blockbuster films as well as presentations from the Royal Opera House.

There are plenty of swimming pools, with Queen Elizabeth and Victoria having three whilst Queen Mary 2 has five, including the Pavilion Pool which is outdoor with a retractable roof.


There is also a spa, gym, exercise classes, as well as deck games of bowls, croquet and paddle tennis.


The Cunard insights programme is available on every ship to offer lectures, Q&A sessions, debates and workshops led by acclaimed experts. These speakers can include writers, actors, film-makers, politicians, explorers, scientists, historians and even an astronaut!


The ships are also equipped with well stocked libraries with between six thousand and eight thousand books, a book shop and the Queen Victoria offers a self-guided art tour at sea.


Did you know? If you’ve ever worried that you aren’t fit to defend the ship from pirates (and we’re talking Jack Sparrows here…) then fear not, because you can take fencing lessons on the Queen Victoria! Just don’t get carried away and make your friends walk the plank!


Because of Cunard’s ultra-luxury reputation, you might be surprised to know that families are welcome too! They’re more than catered for on-board, with a range of facilities to suit them.

There is childcare available from 9 am to midnight and is included in the voyage fare. There are 3 types of childcare available:

The Play Zone- looking after children aged between six months and seven years old. Activities include arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, puzzles, board games, theme days and circle games.


The Kids Zone- for those aged eight to twelve, playing with arts and crafts, video games, evening movies and karaoke.


The Teen Zone- supervising kids aged thirteen to seventeen and getting them involved with table tennis tournaments, deck sports, pizza parties, discos, garbage bag fashion show and quizzes.



The child care is run by fully trained Nannies and youth staff and there is a night nursery available from 6pm-11pm on a first come first-served basis.

There is also a dedicated kid’s pool on Queen Mary 2, and a children’s tea is served between 5pm-6pm, letting parents dine without their children if they wish.


Children can dine in the main dining rooms and buffets if they wish, and high chairs are available to cater for this. Bottle warmers are available, as are bottle sterilisers (which are subject to charge.)

The TVs in rooms feature a number of children’s channels as well as films that are suitable for all ages. Infants between six months and two years old who are travelling as a third or fourth guest will also travel free.


Did you know? There is an unlimited soda drinks package available for children, the price of which varies up to $6.50 per child, per day (plus 15% service charge.) Just don’t let them have too much caffeine!


Cunard have plenty of modern amenities to offer, with Wi-Fi and internet centres, mobile phone dongles and the use of a digital scanner and printer.

You will also receive a Daily Shipboard Newspaper and Programme, which will give you information about the nights dress requirements, special notices, and the on-board entertainment for that day.


Rooms come equipped with a satellite TV (with multi language films and music channels), a telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe and a nightly turndown service with chocolate.

One of the greatest things about the Cunard experience is the atmosphere, with harpists, pianists and string quartets playing in the atrium or elsewhere around the ship, to give it a relaxed, classy feel.


Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites will also receive personalised stationery, soft terry robe and slippers. Queen Elizabeth offers a Fortnum and Mason hamper service and a garden lounge that is inspired by the houses of Kew Gardens.

Exceptional service is also a hallmark of Cunard cruises, because of their staff are all trained at their elite White Star Academy before they can become fully-fledged members of the crew.


This world-class White Star Service offers unobtrusive but attentive care from staff, ensuring that your holiday is the best it can be.

With a great ratio of one member of staff per couple as well as 24-hour room service, you will be properly looked after during your voyage.


Did you know? There is a carving of Homer Simpson hidden somewhere on-board of Queen Mary 2!


The gratuities charged to guests will be between $11.50 and $13.50 per person per day. A hotel and dining charge is automatically added, and it is worth noting that children of all ages will also be charged this on a daily basis.


All bar, spa and salon purchases are automatically charged with a 15% gratuity and all charges will go to the appropriate members of staff that you have dealt with.

You can’t pre-pay these gratuities as you can on some other cruise lines, but you can purchase on-board credit which can be used to pay service charges and additional passenger costs.


Dress Codes

Dressing your best is all part of the Cunard experience, as they offer the chance to enjoy traditional dress codes at sea!

These dress codes have meant that their ships attract guests who value the glamour and drama of special formal nights, with stylish formal wear setting the tone for the ambient experience.


The dress code will be applied to all areas of the ship after 6pm, and will either be formal or informal. Formal means a trouser suits, evening or cocktail dress for women and a tuxedo or dark suit for men.


A range of formal wear is available to hire on-board. Informal wear consists of a jacket and optional tie for men, whilst ladies may wear cocktail dresses or smart separates.


After 6pm, denim, shorts, sandals and sleeveless tops aren’t appropriate within the ship, unless you are in the Kings Court, Lido buffet, Winter Garden or Garden lounge bar.

During the day casual shorts, trousers and beachwear are fine, however, the main restaurants will require a casual wear dress code for breakfast and lunch.


You can wear shorts and more informal clothes in either the Kings Court (Queen Mary 2) or the Lido Restaurant (on Queen Victoria & Elizabeth) at any time. Children under 18 do not have a dress code but it is ideal for them to be in smart dress where possible.

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That is everything you need to know about Cunard! Are you a fan of this cruise line? Do you want to sail on the fourth ship in the fleet? What are you most looking forward to on-board? Leave us your thoughts below!

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