An Introduction To: Carnival Vista

An Introduction To: Carnival Vista

So, Carnival’s newest ship is officially here and is the cruise line’s largest vessel, the 1st in its Vista class and holds more outdoor space than any other Carnival ship so far. With a design that aims to enhance the connection between cruisers and the ocean, you’ll find more options to dine al-fresco and more activities that you can do on deck with an up close and personal view of the ocean.

If you already know Carnival cruises, you’ll be familiar with its famous fun vibe, restaurants named after famous artists (random, we know) and its Seaside theatre with an outdoor screen bigger than your average cinema at home!

But how does Carnival Vista differ from the rest of the fleet? Does she differ at all? What does she have to woo and impress you? Well it’s time to find out the answer to all of these questions on the newest ship for Carnival as our specialist cruise consultants have been on board and they’re here to let you in on their verdict…

Carnival infographic



You can be sure to expect Carnival’s usual lineup of inside, outside, balcony, spa and suite cabin categories along with two new cabin classes to get excited about…

The Havana Cabanas

If you love a feeling of exclusivity, deck 5 might be the answer to your cruise cabin dreams. You’ll have VIP access to the Havana pool in the day before it opens up to the public on the evening’s for a night of partying and your private outdoor patio that faces the Lanai promenade gives you easy access to the Havana bar and pool (oh, so fancy!)

havana pool

havana bar

Your patios will be separated from the walking track with small gates and your patios will have loungers and hammocks whilst your suite has a rain shower in the bathroom. When is luxury to that extent ever unsuitable for your holiday, right?

havana patio

havana loungers


The Family Harbor

Carnival gets it right for families again with this new and updated cabin class on deck 2 that is a dedicated family zone. You’ll still have a choice from a deluxe ocean view, balcony and inside cabin that can accommodate up to 5 people. It takes the ideal even further with the separation between the lounge and main bedroom with a curtain to give the parents that much needed privacy. The unique and natural décor will have you feeling down to earth and like you’re not too far away from the comfort of home.

Disclaimer: your kids may never want to come home!


The usual lineup

If those categories don’t tickle your fancy, then there’s nothing wrong with tradition is there? Your interior staterooms are your most affordable way to experience Carnival’s new Vista class and with 24 hour free room service, we’ll take the cheaper option any day!

interior stateroom

interior stateroom

By upgrading to an ocean view stateroom, you’ll get a little bit more room to stretch out along with a sneak peek at the ocean as you sail.

balcony stateroom

If you’re dreaming of that private outside bliss, then you can still opt for a balcony stateroom and enjoy your glass of champagne out on the balcony with some peace, quiet and personal view of the sea.

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us:  We were staying in a balcony stateroom which was great. I had a whole wall of wardrobes and plenty of other spots to store things so that there’s plenty of space. There’s also a long seating area and coffee table tucked next to the bathroom. The balcony had plenty of space for two people to sit out- and it made a good selfie spot before heading out for dinner!”


balcony stateroom

Think whirlpool tubs and VIP status if you’re considering staying in a suite and don’t forget, Carnival prioritizes suite guests when it comes to getting on and off the ship (bonus!)

whirlpool Carnival Vista

The Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms and Suites are a dream if you want to feel luxury like you’ve never known: priority spa reservations, unlimited access to thermal suites and free fitness classes. You can still tailor make your stay on the ship by choosing from cosy smaller interiors and stretch-out suites: whatever suits you best!

carnival vista spa

cloud 9 spa

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us: We got to spend a morning in the spa after breakfast which was a lovely way to start the day! There were different steam rooms and an infrared sauna, as well as a mineral Jacuzzi pool. The thermal suite area was also fab, you can just relax on the heated beds with views out to sea.”  Read more about Emma here. 


Carnival are known for the sheer amount and variety of entertainment their ships offer and you certainly will not be short of the same on Carnival Vista. If it’s a water park you need or a 3D cinema you’re craving, or even just a hammock in a mini oasis, Vista’s got the answer…

Look at Carnival Vista through the eyes of kids onboard below!

All things water

It’s a sure stop on every holiday you go on abroad: the resort’s waterpark. There’s nothing better than scaring yourself to death on the tallest water slide you’ve ever seen in your life in the blistering sun we never seem to get at home. But this time the water park is already a part of your floating holiday and you’ll have access to it every day!

carnival vista waterpark

If it’s just relaxing in the pool that you’re after, Vista’s got three for you to choose from: the main pool in the centre of the ship (deck 11), Havana pool with exclusive access for those in the suite (deck 5) and the Tides pool (also deck 11). Whichever one is busy will surely mean one of the other two are more peaceful…

carnival vista tides pool

carnival vista havana pool

carnival vista havana pool

The line’s largest WaterWorks waterpark is on-board Vista! Here you’ll find the spiraling waterslide that is the enclosed tube called Kaleid-O-scope: you’ll go round and round 455 feet of twists and turns on a one man raft if you’re feeling brave enough (we think we’ll go for the two man raft). You can expect a giant water bucket, extended Splash Zone and water toys to keep the kids entertained too.

carnival vista splash area

carnival vista pools

Everything adrenaline-filled

Find a few things to get your heart racing in Sports Square! And don’t worry girls, it’s not just football and other sports on a sports court like usual dread, there are unique exciting activities verging on themepark thrill!

sports square

SkyRide is the industry’s first pedal-powered, open air aerial ride where you can climb onto a hanging recumbent bike and cycle your way around the 800 ft suspended track (it’s 150 ft above the sea!)

carnival vista sky ride

SkyGreens is where you can sink ‘threes’ on the basketball court and you could try the SkyCourse ropes circuit if you’re brave enough too! You’ll find an indoor hangout aswell called the Clubhouse which has mini bowling, ping pong, arcade basketball and sports video gaming!

 kids club area

kids activities

Family fun at its finest

It’s always the question on the whole family’s lips: can we find something for everyone?? Well with the line’s first Carnival Multiplex there’s a way to keep everyone happy.

Through one door you’ll find the Thrill Theatre where you can be a part of a multi-dimensional special effects experience with 3D images on the screen and even the seats move with the action in front of you! Through the second door is the 1st at sea (that’s right, Carnival breaking records!) IMAX theatre so you can see the latest Hollywood flicks and IMAX documentaries on a 3 deck high screen.

movie under the stars

liquid lounge

Once you’re done looking up at a screen bigger than you’ve ever seen you can always head to The Warehouse: the ship’s onboard gaming space, or the Punchliner Comedy Club where there’s family shows and even adult-only shows for when it’s past the kids bedtime.

comedy club

vista entertainment

We understand if you don’t sail with a family or kids onboard Vista the noise and commotion can be a bit much and you’ll wonder where your relaxing holiday has got to. Carnival knows this and that’s why it offers you the Serenity Adult-Only retreat where you’ll find the perfect blend of peace, sea breeze and hammocks!

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us: Serenity was probably my favourite part of the ship. It’s located at the front and on the highest deck which really makes it feel tucked away from the rest of the ship and the pool and slide areas where kids are running around having fun. It’s the best place to relax in the sun with sea views all around.”

carnival vista hammock

carnival vista serenity pool

carnival vista emmaEmma also said:  “There are big double lounger beds and hammocks and two whirlpools (with bar service!). We even managed to grab a sunbed here on a sea day without getting up at 6am!”

carnival vista serenity

It’s a lovely haven of comfy chairs, sun loungers, hot tubs and even Fresh Creations: a freshly chopped salad station featuring selections of a variety of greens and perfect snacks for that break from the sun on deck. It can be romantic, intimate and even that ideal place to finish your book you’ve been meaning to get around to. After all, a holiday is an escape and everybody comes onboard for different reasons so there needs to be a suitable area for everybody!

carnival vista serenity

carnival vista



Carnival has an answer for every foodie with their variety of cuisine, whether you’re a lover of sushi, vegetarian, Mexican or even if you’re so picky you have to pick and choose your own toppings everytime…

Carnival Vista has two main dining rooms: Reflections and Horizons (the latter is Choose Your Own Time dining and has a separate bar perfect for pre-dinner drinks…) Don’t miss out on the Lido buffet either (those hangovers won’t get rid of themselves), but make sure you also try out some of the speciality restaurants!


vista dining

carnival vista bar

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us: ‘Where do I even start with the food?! There’s plenty of choice and I loved that you can still get something delicious even if you didn’t feel like dressing up and dining in speciality or the main dining room some nights. This would be ideal for families. The main dining room was good, but the speciality options were definitely worth the extra cost.”’


Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse

You steak lovers know who you are and will surely find this high cuisine and great atmosphere all by yourselves. Choose from steak cuts, lobster, lamb and even the bar, plus you can opt to dine al-fresco for the perfect view of the sunset.

farenheit steakhouse

carnival vista steakhouse

Seafood Shack

Brand new to the Carnival fleet (so not one to be missed) is the New England-inspired seafood spot on-board. Who says you need to go to the actual seaside anymore for the seafood staples and sweeping view of the ocean? Head to the top deck for this casual eatery for indoor or outdoor seating and choose from lobster rolls, steamed lobster, fresh shrimp, crab cakes and fried clams. We all love to dine a la carte and the price starts as low as $4!

seafood shack

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us: “I also dined in Ji Ji’s Asian Kitchen and the Steakhouse, plus I had some amazing crab sliders from the Seafood Shack! I had so much to choose from”.



Bonsai Sushi

If you like (more) seafood, soy sauce and bonsai trees then choose to dine here, indoors or outside. The sit down service will bring you soups, sides, sakes and desserts aswell as the main meals, and the bonsai trees make for an alternative choice of surroundings for dinner, too (very different to the four walls of our living room we all know too well!)

bonsai sushi

carnival vista sushi

Chef’s Table

This is a first for Carnival and is a real chance for both you and the Chefs to feel exclusive; this dedicated space means you can dine right next to the kitchen separated only by a glass wall. The chef’s get the opportunity to show off a little and you get a behind-the-scenes look at where it all happens. Choose to dine more or less right in the main kitchen and eat your dinner mere seconds after you’ve seen it leave the kitchen!

Cucina del Capitano

One thing you might (we said might) miss about home when you’re on a cruise is that family feel as you’re all eating dinner. You’re too focused on the gold tablecloths and detailed table service to remember that meal time is a group event! Choose from some Italian favourites and dine round a big table with large plates, generous portions and brilliant company; everyone can share their day with eachother as you dine in the rustic Italian farmhouse atmosphere. The food and good wishes come from the heart and there’s even family photos in frames on the wall to add to the friendly, homely vibe.

carnival vista cucina

carnival vista cucina

Jiji Asian Kitchen

If you like a modern dining spot and a restaurant that embraces its culture in its décor aswell as its food then head here! It’s inspired by a millennia-old society and brings good food and good fortune; you’ll be surrounded by Asian prayer rolls and Monogolian-inspired fabrics for the complete unique experience. The full-service menu offers you exotic dishes and familiar ones too so your taste buds are pleased and challenged at the same time!

asian kitchen

carnival vista asian kitchen

Guy’s Burger Joint

This time Carnival have teamed up with Guy Fieri, an American restauranteur, to design the perfect burger and fries for you. The atmosphere is one you might imagine to find in a burger shack off a coastal highway (just like in the movies maybe?) and you’ll find signature burgers that you can design yourself with toppings of your choice.

carnival vista emmaOur specialist cruise consultant Emma told us: “I’d absolutely have to recommend trying a Guy’s burger when you’re on board, not one to be missed!”



carnival vista burger joint

Blue Iguana Cantina

Who doesn’t love Mexican food?! Well if you’re one of the few that don’t love the spice, then don’t worry because once again you can have your choice of toppings so can lay off the chillies if you’d prefer. Even if you’re a veggie you can stock up on the peppers; everyone can personalise their own tacos and burritos and get into the spirit of choosing exactly how you want to dine, down to every last flavour.

blue iguana cantina

Cherry On Top

This ones not just for the kids, but for every person with a real sweet tooth. If we compare it to Charlie and the Chocolate factory you might understand what it looks like…it has jars and boxes everywhere you look full of every sweet you can think of. There’s even a premium ice cream counter and you can buy gifts to bring home to your friends (if you’re feeling generous) or even some to celebrate being on holiday whilst you’re still on-board (why not!) We’d call it a kids dream but we know it’s our dream too…

cherry on top

carnival vista sweet shop

Family Friendly

You already know of the family specific cabins with the new Family Harbor cabin class but have you heard of the Family Harbor Lounge? With this you have a separate family hangout, outside of the confines of your cabin that has large screen TV’s, games, free breakfast and daily ice cream! There’s even a family concierge on hand to help out with any special requests so anything is possible for your family on Carnival Vista.

As always, a cruise can’t be truly family friendly without the kids programmes that the little ones love so much. That’s why Camp Ocean, for kids under 12, is perfect with its undersea-themed play areas and over 200 fun and educational ocean-inspired activities. The kids will never be bored and it’s a chance for the adults to have that guilt free getaway whether it’s a nice cocktail or nap you need!

vista slides

Camp Ocean

Vista is the second ship in the fleet to have Dr Seuss’s bookville for the kids; a wacky take on your average bookstore. The bright colours and fun furniture will make reading fun for the young ones, while your all-time favourite Dr Seuss characters are painted all over the walls. The ship has a whole Seuss at Sea kids programme with a Cat In the Hat breakfast and the Seuss-a-palooza Story time and parade. So it’s safe to say there’s enough to keep them entertained!

Dr seuss

kids area

That is Carnival Vista! What are your thoughts? Is she the best Carnival ship yet? What’s your favourite feature? Are you a sucker for a new and exclusive cabin class like the Havanas Cabanas? Or you a foodie through and through and are stuck choosing between Mexican and Bonsai sushi? Let us know all your thoughts below!

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