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An Introduction To: Anthem Of The Seas

An Introduction To: Anthem Of The Seas

Anthem of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest ship and the  www.CRUISE.co.uk team have taken a look at what she has to offer you…

Unlike other classes of Royal Caribbean ship, which are all four star quality, Quantum class are five star. This makes Quantum class Royal Caribbean’s first five star luxury cruise ships, which offer more than any other class in terms of entertainment, dining and amenities!

Have you wondered what the interior looks like? Are you interested to see the food you can try? Would you like to see what the entertainment is really like? Then read on to find out more!


Ship stats

anthem infographic


Décor and Atmosphere

Royal Caribbean is known for being fun, modern and innovative, and Anthem is certainly that!

Around the ship you can expect around 3000 pieces of art. The décor inside the suites and lofts was developed by one of America’s favourite interior designers, Genevieve Gorder. She has helped to give the ship a “soulful and whimsical style” throughout. But take a look for yourself!

Quantum of the Seas decor

The ship is also laid out impressively well, with easy lifts and stairways that are easy to locate and navigators to help you find your way around the ship.

Decor of promenade

We all know that it is often a lot cheaper to book an inside cabin, as you sacrifice having a window to the outside. But Royal Caribbean have side stepped this problem – by creating virtual balconies in 375 rooms. Ultra high definition screens have been installed to provide you with real-time viewing of the outside whilst the sea is in port. Speakers will even make it sound like you are outside!

Quantum of the Seas virtual balcony

Our Specialist Cruise Consultant Kirsty came up with an A-Z of her favourite bits on Anthem. V was for the virtual balconies…

KirstyV is for Virtual Balconies  You really wont believe your eyes! If you have stayed in an Inside cabin, you will appreciate the whole waking up not knowing if its day or night or what the weather is like… well my friends those days are gone! With virtual balconies a real time image is projected onto the the large screen so it is literally like looking through the ship – whatever is out there you will see! You even have sound as well (this can be turned on or off) but if you want to drift off to the sound of the waves or wake up to the sun rising .. well now you can!You can read about the other 25 letters here.


www.CRUISE.co.uk know that we all like to try before we buy… So if you want to have a look at some of the features on-board Anthem’s sister ship, Quantum of the Seas, have a go at the virtual tour here!



We asked our specialist cruise consultant Richard what he thought of the ships decor…

RichardThere is definitely quite a techy feel to the ship. This is definitely not a ship you could accuse of being dull or boring.  I got the impression that whilst Royal Caribbean wanted their new ship to feel very luxurious they also wanted to make it feel fun and a little bit wacky even.  The elevators for example had funny animal pictures.

I did have a go at ordering some drinks from the robotic bartenders.  You can order pre made cocktails or even make your own from scratch.  I made a couple of my own which was fun.  Personally I feel that you can’t beat a cocktail made by a good barman but the whole point of the robots is really to put on a bit of a show.

I think this ship will really appeal to the more active and young at heart type of cruiser. I felt that it was like a combination of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises best elements on steroids! You can see what else Richard thought of Anthem here


Did you know? Gigi the giraffe is Anthems signature animal. She wears a yellow swimsuit and a pink rubber ring- and weighs four tons (which is the same as three mini coopers!) She is also taller than Lady Liberty.

gigi the giraffe infographic



The North Star

Sometimes referred to as the London Eye at sea- the North Star is a jewel shaped pod that ascends 300 feet above deck. The robotic arm that lifts you up will also turn you 360 degrees, to get a perfect view of the sunset or the port you are in! You can pre-book the pod for special occasions or simply turn up and wait in line.

Quantum of the Seas North Star

The Ripcord iFly

Have you ever wanted to sky dive? Well on Anthem, you can enjoy the experience on a sky dive simulator! Get kitted up in your jumpsuit, helmet and goggles and fly around in a 23 foot tall glass chamber! You’ll have a go first with your instructor and then have the chance to freestyle on your own. Watching people having a go is almost as fun as being inside it…

Have a look at the www.CRUISE.co.uk team having a go at this on Quantum last year!



If you thought attractions on-board Royal were already like a funfair… then Royal Caribbean have taken this to a whole new level with SeaPlex! It is the largest indoor activity space at sea and it is the only place you can play dodgems whilst sailing! The area can also accommodate roller skating, basketball games, trapeze lessons and even dance parties. At night the area transforms into a disco with a DJ booth. The SeaPlex is also surrounded by an area for table tennis, foosball and X-box’s.


SeaPlex Game room

The Flowrider

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to surf, now’s your chance! The surfing simulator on Anthem lets you have a go (and give’s your watching friends and family a laugh in the process- depending on your skill!)


Did you know? You can even go to circus school – no really! You can trapeze at sea and learn how to master those backflips, summersaults and perform some seriously cool tricks. There is no age barrier to who can join in – as Quantum of the Seas reports that recently an 87 year old passenger had a go! Less strenuous circus school activities include juggling or hoop skills.


A revolutionary entertainment space, Two270 combines dancers and robot entertainers! The space which was a 270 degree panoramic view of the sea combines technology and entertainment in impressive shows. Have a look at what shows look like below:

Our Specialist Cruise Consultant Eve made a point of checking out 270…

Eve“On the first evening we went to the Two 70 which was the cabaret act on the Robo screens. It was loud, bright, and futuristic and felt very much like a Vegas show. The special effects in there were so good and even if you are not a big show gore then you should go just to experience the screens as the visual effect is so unique you won’t see it anywhere else.” You can see what else she thought of the ship here



Show on 270

Another cool techno feature on Anthem is this light sculpture, which flashes in time with your own heart beat once you put your hands on the pads.

MarieMarie added – The device senses and saves the rhythm of your heart beat which then gets released throughout the 200 lights in the chandelier which each in turn dance to your own unique light show. Once you remove your hands the magic doesn’t stop, as the sensor then remembers your rhythm then adds it to all the other heart beats patterns it has taken during the cruise and turn not in use combines the heart beats into an amazing light ambiance. Now that is truly amazing – You can see what else she thought of Anthem here

Aside from these great features, don’t forget that it’s standard on all Royal Caribbean ships to have a rock climbing wall. There is also a casino, a nightclub and good shopping facilities.

If fitness is your thing, go to the gym or swim around in one of the many pools.

pool and spa

Did you know? The two lane jogging track on Anthem of the Seas is 133 metres long. If you want to know how this measures up compared to other lines – click here!

If you’d rather sit back and relax, visit the adult only Solarium and spa and try a treatment in one of more than 20 treatment rooms.

Anthem Spa

There are also shaded cabanas, a jacuzzi, an adult only Solarium and a Solarium Bistro. In fact, we loved the Solarium so much we didn’t want to leave it!



You can also enjoy the library as well as educational workshops.

Like playing music? Then try a Royal loft suite, which comes with a Baby Grand Piano at your disposal! If you’d rather let the professionals do the music, then head on down to a theatre performance of “We Will Rock You.”

Show on Anthem


Dining Experience

One of the most unique things about Anthem of the Seas compared to boats from other cruise lines is the phenomenal range of choice when it comes to restaurants. You have a whopping range of 18 different restaurants to choose from. Whether you want steak, sushi, junk food, comfort food, healthy food, fancy food or even weird food – Royal have a restaurant to suit your needs!

Dynamic dining means that you have this choice of 18 restaurants, and you don’t have to stick to the same one every night. My time dining also means that you can eat at a time to suit you. Perfect for if you or your fellow travellers don’t feel hungry just yet!

So what restaurants are there on board?

The following restaurants are available without a charge:

American Icon Grill – Showcasing food from the classic American road trip, with meals like New Orleans’s famous gumbo, New England clam chowder and Southern buttermilk fried chicken. The regional cuisine is set with contemporary décor.

american icon grill

Johnny Rockets – Based on one of America’s favourite diners, Johnny Rockets is a firm favourite on Royal Caribbean. The menu includes American favourites of Hamburgers, hot dogs, BLTs, shakes and apple pies.

Chic – Everything at chic is well, chic! They don’t just use salt, but sea salt, and it’s not cream – it’s crème! The menu includes plenty of tasty morsels including the first dry-aged steaks at sea and only the finest cuts of meats are served.


The Grande Restaurant – As the name might tell you – this restaurant is something special! The luxurious setting is ideal for an elegant night – it’s one to get your Dickie bow out for! Try the truffle risotto or the snails! (We promise they aren’t slimy…)

Café Promenade – If you’re after a quick snack, pastry or coffee – day or night – Café Promenade is the place to stop. There are also desserts such as double chocolate or mocha brownies and blueberry pound cake.

Silk – Silk serves pan-Asian flavours and truly exotic cuisine with a menu that is inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese food. Expect sake-glazed salmon, teriyaki steak and ginger and sesame crusted tuna.


Coastal Kitchen – This restaurant is exclusively for those in suites and those who are Pinnacle members. The menu fuses Mediterranean influences with fresh produce that has come straight from California. Favourites include sea bass, homemade blueberry pie and stuffed zucchini.

Sorrento’s – If you’ve got the munchies late at night – or in the day for that matter! Then Sorrento’s is the go to place for a slice of pizza. Its opening hours are until midnight, which makes it an ideal stop after a night of dancing where you may have worked up an appetite!


WindJammer Market Place – The WindJammer café (Royal’s go to laid back buffet) has been re-imagined for Quantum class ships – with even more choice then before! New sections make it easier to choose a dish from different parts of the world and there is a new 24 hour station and a menu that changes daily.


SeaPlex Doghouse – It is what it says on the tin – as it serves hot dogs next to SeaPlex! Expect gourmet hotdogs with names like “The Sicilian,” “The Coney Island” and “The Wunderdog,” as the hot dogs have been inspired by different parts of the globe. Finish the process by loading up your dog with peppers, sweet relish, sauerkraut, mustard – and ketchup of course!

SeaPlex dog house

The Café @ TWO70 – Think of this café as a gourmet picnic, as there is a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, wraps and soups available – all of which you will have packed up and wrapped up picnic style – ready for you to enjoy indoors or outdoors!

cafe two70


These restaurants are available with an additional cover charge:

Chef’s Table – This exclusive dining experience is only available for 16 people – so this is one you have to book! Your meal is expertly prepared by an executive chef who then hosts the meal and explains each dish and wine choices.

chefs table

Michael’s Pub – A touch of Britain in an American ship, this “genuine pub” definitely serves better food than we’re used to at our local! Once you’ve finished trying the craft beers, bourbon whiskey, cocktails and fine wines, try some of the entrees. The emphasis is on fresh ingredients and responsibly sourced food, and choices include polenta fries, devilled eggs and homemade ricotta.

michael's Pub

Chops Grille – As you might have guessed, Chops Grille is all about steaks, meat and more meat! Enjoy lobster, veal parmesan and grilled branzino with Huckleberry cheesecake or cinnamon donuts for pudding! Be warned – you may have to loosen your belt after visiting!

Wonderland – One of most creative dining venues on-board, Wonderland is based on Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. The menu lets you choose from elements – sun, fire, ice, water, earth and dreams – which each comes with a selection of small or sharable delicacies. Try the liquid lobster, vanishing noodles or the Boston cream pie maze. It’s a surprise with every mouthful!


Jamie’s Italian – We all love a good Italian – and Jamie’s promises much more than some tomato sauce on pasta! Try an array of delicious breads, pastas, meats and antipasti with rustic and authentic Italian delicacies.

Devinly Decadence – Designed by America’s best-selling author and TV health guru / personality, (Devin Alexander) Devinly Decadence serves comfort food – for under 500 calories. Small portions mean you can have everything from BBQ chicken flatbread to buffalo chicken wing pizza – whilst still watching your waist line! We won’t judge you if you simply have multiple portions though…

Izumi Japanese Cuisine – The Asian fusion restaurant serves up delectable sushi with intense flavours and beautiful presentation. Little touches include warm hand towels at your table and complimentary miso soup. As well as sushi, there are speciality cocktails and even chilled sake.



Of course, as on any Royal ship, if you don’t fancy venturing out and would like to have some snacks in bed (well – you are on holiday!) just order some room service. Room service is free of charge until after midnight, when it then carries a $3.95 fee.

Did you know? The bionic bar on Anthem can produce 120 cocktails per hour. You order your cocktail via smartphones or tablets and your order will be displayed on screens around the bar. What wacky concoctions can you come up with?

bionic bar


Family Friendly Facilities

Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruise lines out there for family holidays.

Anthem comes with 16 interconnecting family cabins, which is ideal for those with grown up children – or just large families!

On the top deck your kids can enjoy the H2O Zone waterpark, which is full of shallow water pools and pop jets for children to play in.

H20 Zone

You can expect the usual kids club facilities, with seven different types of child care and kids clubs available.

Read our full guide explaining how family facilities work on Royal Caribbean here.



Unique to Quantum class are the six “smart” features. They include smart check in, so that you can cut your boarding time down to ten minutes, smart concierge, so that you can make restaurant reservations online, and smart experiences – which is where the bionic bar and ordering drinks off of iPads comes in!

In fact, the whole ship is full of gadgets! You can read our interview with the presenter of the Gadget Show, Jason Bradbury here and find out what he makes of the many gizmos!

One of our favourite features was the wrist band that acted as your room card. You could open doors, pay for drinks or scan yourself in at a muster drill, all from your wristband.

Anthem wristbands

Wi-Fi and satellite TV will be available on the ship, and you can also enjoy late checkout on your departure day if you need to.

There are 24 wheelchair accessible cabins as well as 28 single cabins.


So there you have it! We promise you that you could never get bored on Anthem of the Seas! If you’re interested in looking at some of our deals, click here.

What do you think of the new ship? Would you like to sail on her? Let us know in the comments below!


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