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A Look At How Your Cruise Ship Cabins Are Made

A Look At How Your Cruise Ship Cabins Are Made

Have you ever wondered how your cruise ship cabins are made? Nosy about how they fit everything in? Have you been curious how cruise ships seem to be built so quickly? Well, wonder no more…

Mega ships these days have thousands of cabins and up to 6,500 guests, so we couldn’t fault you for wondering how all these cabins come about. Quite apart from designing a masterpiece to hold all of these cabins, how exactly do they go about making them?

Well, the cabins aren’t made whilst on the ship. In fact, they are made in a separate warehouse in self-contained units, ready to be slotted into the ship at a later date. It’s comparable to how cars are made on an assembly line!

Did you know? The walls of your cabin are made of metal and therefore magnetic! If you take magnets on your cruise you will be able to pin up lists, washbags and even dinner invitations.

To find out exactly how it’s done, watch the video below…

As you can see, to ensure they don’t get muddled up each cabin is clearly marked with a number. Did you ever imagine seeing your stateroom looking quite like that?!

You can hear from the Royal Caribbean team as they explain exactly how their cabins were made for Quantum of the Seas here:

The water and electrics of each cabin are all tested and installed before they even go on-board. These mini units are then ready to be installed to be home to thousands of happy cruisers.

So what do you think? Did you know how ship cabins were made previously?

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