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AIDA Cruises First To Offer Unlimited Facebook At Sea

AIDA Cruises First To Offer Unlimited Facebook At Sea

It’s just been announced that German cruise line AIDA will be introducing a flat-fee for internet access to social media networks aboard all of its ships.

Guests will be able to tweet, post statuses, share pictures or even vine with ease thanks to a simple fee, as opposed to more expensive internet packages.

The “Social Media fee” will cost €19 a week, or €4 a day and include popular sites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp – although this is hardly preferred to Silversea’s recent move to eliminate WiFi charges entirely.

AIDA tells us that the speed of their internet connection will be increased “dramatically” to coincide with the new fee. Other internet packages are available and will soon be allowing unlimited internet access, as opposed to minutes of use.

AIDA’s chief technical officer, Thomas Pfitzer, says this move is to benefit passengers; “The use of mobile devices is continuously growing. We want to accommodate this trend and are offering our guests an additional service with the flat rate.

“With these package offers, we help keep the costs of satellite-based internet connections at sea reasonable and calculable for our guests.”

Six ships in AIDA’s fleet will feature enhanced internet access by next month, with the full fleet being updated before November.

It’s not Silversea’s free internet but it’s a step in the right direction?

In the modern world of social media is it time other cruise lines stepped up and took note?

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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