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A Video Introduction to Traditional Cruising

A Video Introduction to Traditional Cruising

Traditional Cruising reverts you back to the glory days of Cruising, There are still Traditional Cruise lines out in the market, who offer a very different yet enjoyable experience, Traditional Cruise lines have smaller ships which often don’t hold any more than 1000 Guests, this allows them to get into the smaller ports of call which the larger ships cannot access. The culture of dressing up for dinner still remains on board traditional ships as guests love the formal Black tie events and the smaller friendly approach,

Generally guests who enjoy traditional cruising will love the fact that as the ship is smaller, staff on-board will quickly learn your favorite tipple at the bar and greet you on first name terms within days of you being on-board,

See below the Videos which will give you an insight into what you could expert on your Traditional Cruise;

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