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A Video Introduction To River Cruising

A Video Introduction To River Cruising

Year in year out, there’s one certainty you can always rely on and that’s of river cruises becoming more and more popular with travelers.

Every year more people discover just how great a scenic cruise down a river can be; whether it be cruising along the Rhine admiring majestic castles, down the Douro visiting sun kissed vineyards or exploring exotic Vietnam along the Mekong… there’s something to suit everyone’s taste!


One of the reasons for this year on year increase in popularity is that in a world of ocean going behemoths, river cruising offers a much, much more intimate experience. With even the biggest ships only able to carry up to two hundred guests you’re guaranteed to get extra attention from all the staff on-board.

Can you remember the time you were last individually escorted to your cabin? Happens all the time on a river cruise!

Even better than that though is what’s included in the upfront price of your cruise. Most river cruise lines include shore excursions in the various towns, cities and villages you’ll call at for free with many including all your drinks as well!


Don’t be too put off though if you see a high up front cost (to start with remember just how much you’ll be saving by not paying for drinks and excursions) as there’s a range of 3 star to 6 star ships to suit all pockets.


PLUS: No inside cabins… Every cabin will come with a beautiful view of the river and of course it goes without saying… No seasickness!


Now we could go on and on about how great a river cruise is but why not take a look for yourself on these videos below…



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