A Record Ten Fights Break Out On One Cruise!

A Record Ten Fights Break Out On One Cruise!

Themed cruises seem to have gotten more popular in recent years with Strictly Come Dancing on P&O (which you can read more about here) to the nude themed cruises we told you about recently (which you can read here if you missed it!)

But we’ll be honest, the following cruise has to be one of the weirdest we’ve ever come across…

Are you a fan of Jackie Chan? Ever fancied yourself of the next Jet Li? Because Star Cruises now offer passengers the chance to sail and watch “Mixed Martial A’rr!” (Their joke – not ours!)

During the sailing the passengers will have a chance to watch ten mixed martial arts fights as part of the MIMMA tournament inside a cage!

You may never have heard of Star Cruises before but the Superstar Libra (as the ship is called) will sail 780 passengers from Penang to Phuket on a pirate/mixed martial arts themed cruise.

The pirate theme is designed to hearken back to Malaysia and Thailand’s history of pirate infested waters a few hundred years ago.

If guests tire of watching the fighters battle it out, they can head to magic shows, acrobatic displays or to origami classes instead…

Still, you wouldn’t find that on your local P&O cruise would you!


Have you ever been on a themed cruise? Would you consider this themed cruise?

Mixed Martial Arts and cruising seems a strange mix to us but we guess it takes all sorts!

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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