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A Guide To Solo Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line

A Guide To Solo Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is known as a pioneer in the industry. In addition to its modern, innovative ships and flexible, relaxed approach to dining, known as “Freestyle Cruising, ” Norwegian Cruise Line is a leader when it comes to solo cruising. The cruise line has consistently won awards for the Best Cruise Line for Solo Travellers, making the wonderful world of cruising accessible for those wishing to holiday alone. 

Solo cruising offers a unique opportunity to indulge in self-discovery and adventure while exploring some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. In our guide to solo cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line, we’ll explore all that Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruises offer, uncovering why they’re worth considering and highlighting the fantastic features tailored for solo cruise guests. Plus, we’ll look at how Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruise deals enable singles to enjoy more of these incredible adventures.

So if you’re thinking about booking a singles cruise holiday and are wondering what to expect from the experience, read on to discover how Norwegian Cruise Line makes solo cruising a welcoming, easy and exciting adventure. 

Are solo cruises worth it?

Solo cruising often raises the question, “Is it worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why:

Independence and freedom

Solo cruises provide the ultimate sense of freedom. You can set your own schedule, dine at your preferred time, and choose activities that pique your interest. There’s no need to compromise on your travel preferences, making solo cruising an ideal choice for the independent traveller.

Social opportunities

Several major cruise lines have recently sidestepped the traditional approach to cruise holidays and now offer experiences with broader appeal. One aspect of cruise holidays that has seen this evolution is the dedicated activities for solo cruisers, and Norwegian Cruise Line is leading the way.

The cruise line goes the extra mile to ensure there’s a great variety of activities and events dedicated to solo cruise guests, providing plenty of chances to connect with fellow passengers. 

No single supplement

Another area that has improved in recent years is the cruise fares for solo guests. One of the biggest advantages of NCL solo cruises is its “no single supplement” policy on select sailings. This commitment means you won’t have to pay extra fees for staying in a solo cabin, making the experience more affordable.

What can you expect with NCL solo cruising?

Norwegian Cruise Line recognises the unique needs and desires of solo cruise guests. Here are some features that set NCL solo cruises apart: 

Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruise cabins

While many cruise lines accommodate single travellers, their solo offerings are often only available on select ships. However, when looking at which NCL ships have solo cabins, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Norwegian Cruise Lines recently announced that it will double the number of solo cabins on NCL ships beginning in 2024. Furthermore, for the first time, solo cruise guests will have the choice of three new solo stateroom options: Solo Inside, Solo Oceanview, and Solo Balcony. This update means Norwegian Cruise Line solo cabins with more space and many with that coveted sea view.

If you’re wondering which Norwegian cruise ship is best for solo travellers, you’ll also be pleased to learn that the cruise line is expanding its range of solo cabins across its entire 19-ship fleet. Moreover, with this increase in NCL single-occupancy cabins, Norwegian Cruise Line’s solo cruise deals will be more widely available across its spectacular worldwide itineraries. 

Activities and events for solo cruise guests

When booking Norwegian Cruise Line’s solo cruises in 2024, you can still expect to enjoy their impressive range of singles-dedicated facilities and activities. For example:

The Studio Lounge: The private, keycard-accessed Studio Lounge is a dedicated social hub for cruise guests staying in solo cabins on NCL. It offers an excellent place to mingle, meet new friends, and enjoy complimentary coffee, beers, wines and snacks.

Group activities: Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruises offer various activities, meet-ups and excursions, ensuring solo cruise guests can engage in group adventures and experiences and have plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded travellers. There’s something for everyone, from dance classes to pub crawls and cultural shore excursions to onboard activities, such as the ropes course and climbing walls.

Dining flexibility: Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Freestyle Dining” concept allows solo cruise guests to dine when and where they please. For example, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner for one or join a group of newfound friends at a speciality restaurant.

Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruise bargains 

Traditionally, cruise fares have been based on two adults sharing a cabin. Therefore, solo cruising meant facing double the price compared to travelling with a partner.

While the price of an NCL solo cruise will likely still be more than that of cruise guests travelling in parties of two or more, Norwegian Cruise Lines has promised that fares will be less than a typical double-occupancy room. Norwegian Cruise Line’s solo cruise deals will depend on destination and demand, but with independent cruising increasing in popularity, more and better deals will likely be available soon. 

Once again, Norwegian Cruise Line is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to solo cruising, expanding its options for cruise guests going it alone and wanting to enjoy a memorable cruise adventure. 

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