A Guide To Kids’ Clubs On MSC Cruises

A Guide To Kids’ Clubs On MSC Cruises

For many families going on a cruise holiday, the difference between a relaxing and enjoyable break and a stressful experience can often be the onboard children’s facilities.

In recent years, cruise lines have upped their game when it comes to kids’ clubs and family-friendly facilities. So, how do MSC’s Kids’ Clubs stack up? Is MSC Cruises good for kids, and will its offering enable you to savour a restful holiday and quality family time?

In this blog, we explore MSC Cruises’ Kids’ Clubs, what activities they offer for each age group and what family entertainment is available on each ship so you can make an informed choice knowing your next cruise holiday caters to your family’s requirements.

Is MSC Cruises good for kids?

Selecting the right cruise for a family holiday can be a game-changer. MSC Cruises, renowned for its attention to family-friendly experiences, stands out as an ideal choice when travelling with children. It offers a diverse range of kids’ club activities and family-centric entertainment that cater to children of all ages.

With this cruise line, it’s not just about providing a travel experience; it’s about creating a fun, engaging, and memorable journey for every family member, especially the little ones.

MSC Cruises’ Kids’ Clubs: Age-specific groups

Keeping children entertained and interested when on a cruise holiday can be challenging, especially if you have children of different ages with varying interests. MSC’s Kids’ Clubs rise to this challenge. Its range of kids’ clubs is designed to cater to a variety of age groups, ensuring that there’s something exciting for every toddler, child and teenager.

Baby Club (Ages 0-3)

MSC’s Baby Club offers a dedicated area for infants and toddlers under 3. In collaboration with baby care brand Chicco®, this safe and engaging space is filled with high-quality, age-appropriate toys and games, along with music and rhythm activities to stimulate young minds. Parents can either leave their toddlers with trained MSC Babycare Staff or join in the fun.

Mini Club (Ages 3-6)

Catering to children aged 3-6, this club is a wonderland of fun and learning. MSC Cruises’ children’s activities in the Mini Club include arts and crafts sessions where kids can unleash their creativity, interactive games that help in social development, and engaging storytelling sessions. Themed days, like “Pirate Day” or “Space Adventure,” make the experience even more thrilling.

MSC Cruises has partnered with LEGO® to offer a unique experience for Mini Club kids. There are dedicated LEGO®-themed rooms where children can engage in free play with a vast array of LEGO® bricks and sets. Meanwhile, special LEGO® events, such as building challenges and LEGO® Master Builder competitions, are a hit among kids.

Junior Club (Ages 7-11)

Designed for the 7-11 age group, this club takes the excitement a notch higher. It combines education and fun, offering activities from sensational science experiments to Masterchef at Sea Juniors talent competitions.

In Junior Club, MSC Cruises’ children can also partake in the cruise line’s innovative sports program, DOREBRO, experience the augmented reality video game, Fire & Ice, or discover the thrill of filming with a Green Screen Experience.

Young Club (Ages 12-14)

Aimed at 12-14-year-olds, this club strikes the perfect balance between fun and independence. Activities include sports tournaments, where children can engage in friendly competitions, dance contests, and video gaming sessions. There are also workshops and group projects that encourage teamwork and creative thinking.

Teens Club (Ages 15-17)

Don’t fret; teenagers haven’t been forgotten when it comes to fun activities onboard your cruise ship. With Teens Club, your youngsters can have their space while keeping engaged in a range of mega activities.

With newly extended hours, your teens can have access to bespoke facilities, including games, consoles and virtual reality technology. On MSC Grandiosa, MSC teens even get the chance to pilot a fast-flying drone in MSC’s Drone Academy. There are also organised activities and sports, Aqua Park entertainment, game shows, karaoke and teen discos.

All of MSC’s Kids’ clubs are available across all its ships, although specific activities may vary.

MSC Cruises’ family entertainment

As well as MSC Cruises’ children’s entertainment and clubs, the cruise line has many excellent activities for all the family to enjoy.

Together, you and your children can explore the wonders of the Aqua Parks, featuring exhilarating slides and water play areas. Your family can also bond over interactive 4D cinema experiences, partake in fun-filled bowling competitions, or challenge each other in the arcade games room. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are sports tournaments and poolside activities.

Additionally, MSC offers family-friendly shows in their Broadway-style theatres, family games shows and discos, all perfect for an evening of entertainment.

While the above activities and more are available across many of MSC’s ships, remember to double-check, as facilities can vary depending on itineraries.

Key questions about MSC’s Kids’ Clubs and Children’s Entertainment

What time does the MSC’s Kids’ Club open?

The kids’ clubs typically operate from 9AM to 11PM, with occasional pauses during meal times. However, the exact timings can change depending on the ship and the itinerary.

Are kids’ clubs included on MSC Cruises?

Cruise guests are always pleased to know that all kids’ clubs are free on MSC Cruises, meaning your children can enjoy these exciting experiences without any additional cost.

Up to what age are kids free on MSC Cruises?

On MSC Cruises, children under the age of 18 can sail for free (only taxes, port fees, flights, and transfers incur a charge), provided they are sharing a cabin with two paying adults. This policy makes MSC Cruises an excellent option for families.

MSC Cruises offers holiday experiences where families can come together to create unforgettable memories. With its wide array of child-friendly clubs, engaging activities, and entertainment options, there’s something to delight and captivate every family member.

To learn more about MSC’s Kids’ Clubs or book an MSC Cruise, please get in contact with our cruise specialists.

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