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A Definitive Video Guide To The Cruise Lines

A Definitive Video Guide To The Cruise Lines

They say a picture tells a thousand words….

If that’s the case how much more can a video tell? It would be nice to think you could just get on a cruise and everything be exactly to your liking but the truth is that there’s so many different cruise lines out there that it’s essential you do your research first; making sure the cruise ship you pick is perfect for you.

You can look at the brochures, you can read reviews but these days perhaps the most useful thing you can do is watch videos online. Websites like YouTube let you see an unprecedented amount of the ship before you book these days, from the specific cabin you might want to book right through to what dinner will look like of an evening.

These aren’t the ‘glossy’ brochure images of yester-yore either; these are real videos taken by real people, just like you, worried by and interested in the same things you are.

We’ve categorised all the videos (by cruise line) we thought you’d find the most useful when booking your next cruise holiday below…

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