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10 Fashion Disasters That Will Get You In Trouble Abroad

A lot of debate goes into the different dress codes on cruise ships dress and there can be a lot of passion created on both sides of the argument.

Should you dress up?

Can you go casual?

Something that often gets looked over though is what to wear when you’re ashore. There can be a range of things you’d need to think about when getting dressed for an excursion in a foreign county, from basic safety precautions right through to not looking like a clueless tourist.

Below then is the www.Cruise.co.uk team’s top list of things never to wear abroad…

Make sure you take note of the local culture/religions

A little bit of research can go along way here. Things that are perfectly OK at home may not be when you’re abroad.

It’s considered polite in many countries to make sure your shoulders are covered, others will insist women wear a skirt that comes below the knee and sometimes even a head scarf.

Remember you’re a guest in their country so the onus is on you to conform. Make sure you find out exactly what you can and can’t wear and pack appropriately.

Woman photographing her family with mobile phone

Leave the bling on the ship…

It’s natural you’ll want to stand out on formal night so packing your biggest, most flashy ring/broach/necklace/bracelet only makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is wearing it out in port the next day; it will just mark you as a target for every pickpocket in the area.

Leave it in your cabins safe instead.

Unusual Couple

Don’t let your t-shirt talk for you!

Just as you need to pay attention to what your clothes cover, you also need to pay attention to what they say. T-shirts with religious symbols, swear words, national flags or offensive images may be fashionable back home but the last thing you want your wardrobe to do is provoke an unintentional debate when you’re abroad.

Keep it simple and keep it clean!

Just use your phone!

Smart phones have come a long way in recent years and these days the camera on them is often just as good (or even better) than most digital cameras you can buy separately.

If you really, really, REALLY have to get that ultra HD shot of somewhere feel free to stick with the traditional separate camera but please don’t buy a huge one and have it hanging from your neck.

You may as well paint a bulls-eye on your back and have a big neon sign flashing above your head proclaiming you’re a tourist.

Unless you’re off hiking leave it at home!

A backpack will do the exact same thing as a camera around your neck will in letting every pickpocket within a fifty mile radius know you’re a tourist.

With most cruise ship excursions there’s just no need for one as you’ll only be on-shore for the day so most of your stuff can be left in your cabin. If you do have a few things to carry our advice would be to stick with a non-descript tote bag.


The 1990’s called – They want their fashion accessory back

OK, so cameras and backpacks are bad but if you really want to stand out as a tourist a bum bag (fanny pack for our American readers) is this years must have travel accessory.

If you’re not too keen on standing out then we’d just stick with the aforementioned tote bag.

The ‘budgie smuggler’

Please, we beg you! Enough with the speedo’s!

Just buy a pair of swimming shorts for relaxing by the pool!

budgie smuggler

Did you join the army?

If the answer’s no to that question then may we suggest you leave the camo gear at home? In many countries clothes with a camouflage pattern can be a sign you’re in a gang (which we’re sure isn’t the look you’re going for!)

In fact, in some countries (like Jamaica) wearing camouflage has actually been made illegal – You have been warned!


Don’t be ‘that couple’

We understand that some couples like to wear matching his ‘n her outfits… We just don’t understand why.

We mean really… why?

Matching couple

And definitely don’t ever be this guy!

You know who you are!

We’ll say no more…

british tourist

Have you ever been guilty of any of these fashion crimes?

Is there any other clothes we’ve missed off the list that you’d never wear abroad?

Let us know in the comments below…

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