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8 Awkward Moments On A Cruise You Can’t Help But Laugh At

A key part of any really great holiday is having fun and laughing together, and a cruise is no exception. From chuckles to belly laughs, there’s always something entertaining (and not the kind you’ve paid for!)

And if none of these seem familiar, you may want to double check that none of them have applied to you- here are eight awkward moments on a cruise you can’t help but laugh at!

The Booze Smuggler

If you’re a play-by-the-rules type of person then you’re likely to get great pleasure from seeing rule-breakers getting busted (you might follow the rules to the letter but you’re not so saintly that you can’t enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s misfortune, right?)

Most cruise lines have a ban on bringing alcohol on-board, except in some cases for a bottle of wine, and any caught in carry-on bags or checked luggage will be confiscated.

awkward moments - security

Those who have resigned themselves to paying bar prices will be pleased to see the booze smugglers caught bang to rights.

Especially funny are those who’ve managed to smuggle onboard, only to get caught out with the old ‘booze wrapped in a towel’ for cocktails round the pool trick. It’s not quite so funny if it’s happening to you though…

Find the Cabin

Cruise ships can be huge. You’ll be familiar with the sheer size of mega ships; thousands of cabins across multiple decks with everything from shopping malls to fitness centres to seaside-style boardwalks in-between.

You should be able to pick up a deck map on embarkation but it can still be quite a feat to first find your cabin– especially if you’ve spent any time in the bar while waiting for your luggage to be delivered!

awkward moments - lost

Fight the urge to laugh at Dad smiling and nodding at the directions on checking-in when you were all lost after the first ‘turn right at the climbing wall’.

Boasting the biggest mega ships, Royal Caribbean cruises can be daunting to the geographically challenged but never fear: clever touch screen maps will help you find your way.!

The Comedy Selfie

If you’re as addicted to selfies as the rest of the Facebook savvy crowd then you can have great fun with your camera on a cruise holiday.

Instead, head to a viewing platform on the lido deck and take a selfie right up against the barrier for a ‘floating on water’ snap. Or do a Rose and a Jack and feel like King and Queen of the world (don’t act like you haven’t already ticked this off your list!)


You can also have fun when ports are in view in the distance. Ten points if you can get a snap of you holding a tiny Statue of Liberty in your hand…

Mum on the Flume

Poor Mum. She thought a family cruise would mean long, leisurely afternoons in the spa or relaxing with a cocktail and ocean views, whilst the children have been happily escorted to the kids’ club. Although, said kids saw the waterpark on the lido deck and used their skills to get her to have a go too…

If you can get a photo of Mum dropping out of the bowl slide on NCL Epic or screaming her way down the Free Fall on Breakaway then that’s definitely one to tag her family, friends and work colleagues in on Facebook. Take a look:

Dad in a Tux

While mum thinks he looks ‘ever so smart’, there’s nothing funnier to a teenager than Dad in a tux. If you’re cruising with youngsters and want to enjoy formal nights without the sarcastic ‘James Bond’ comments, point them in the direction of whatever is happening in the kids’ club.


Either that or make sure you get a photo of them togged up for the teen toga party and threaten to have it framed…

The Food Realisation

When you’re new to cruising, there comes a moment when the fact that the food is not only ‘all you can eat’ but also ‘all you can eat, for free’ sinks in.

It’s usually around the time you’re picking up your third poolside pizza slice of the day or your waiter is dishing out the milk and cookies like you’re a child…


The funny-factor comes in when watching others have this food realisation and the piled-high plates, five desserts and never-ending trips to the ice-cream machine that follow.

What’s great about watching these face-fillers is that they make you feel less guilty about your own third trip up to the buffet at lunchtime…

Beating the Boaster

Whether he’s on your dinner table or just so happens to prefer the sun lounger next to you beside the pool, there’s always one cruiser who loves to boast and if he got a great deal on his cruise then you’ll never hear the end of it.


There’s nothing quite so satisfying as beating this boaster, so make sure you take advantage of early booking discounts or last minute deals to get your cruise at a rock bottom cost. Putting Mr Boastful in his place is sure to raise a smirk from your fellow companions, so savour the moment!

The Moment of Madness

We all have moments of madness on holiday. Remember cliff diving in Turkey and bungee jumping in Greece (we can’t have been the only ones?)

The heat and the holiday spirit (not to mention the cocktails) can combine to make us do things we’d never consider doing back home and cruise ships have all manner of out-of-character activities on your doorstep and free of charge, so you have no excuses not to join in!

Watching grandparents on the FlowRider Surf Simulator on Royal Caribbean Oasis and Freedom class ships or dad doing the SkyCourse on Carnival is sure to give you the holiday giggles– until it’s your turn anyway….

Laughter is a great stress buster and getting the giggles will add extra fun-factor to your cruise holiday so look out for comedy moments onboard and laugh those everyday stresses and strains away. Just don’t get grumpy if the joke’s on you!

Oh and as a little bit of a bonus… Possibly the most awkward thing we’ve ever seen on a cruise! There’s this guy…

Have you ever experienced one of these awkward moments on a cruise? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a cruise? Let us know in the comments below…

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