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8 Weird and Wonderful Cruise Facts

8 Weird and Wonderful Cruise Facts

For those of you who haven’t been on a cruise before, you have to experience it to believe it, as it’s an amazing holiday like no other! The sheer size of the ship, its facilities, activities and the entertainment they have onboard is astounding. However, for cruise converts, we think there may be a few things about cruises that you didn’t know too! So, keep reading below to discover eight weirdly wonderful things we think will surprise you about cruising.

1. Every ship has its own artery

Just like the human variety, a ship’s main artery runs right through its centre, allowing easy and efficient crew access to all the key areas onboard. This long corridor with numerous doors on either side is hidden from view below the public decks. It is often referred to as the I-95, referencing the main north-south Interstate Highway on the East Coast of the United States, which runs from Miami to Houlton, Maine.

2. Miami is the cruise capital of the world

Perhaps another reason the I-95 has found its way into cruise lingo is that PortMiami is renowned as the world’s cruise capital. Welcoming more passengers to its terminals than any other port, it’s the global headquarters for five leading cruise lines and forty-two ships. 

PortMiami’s popularity is understood to be due to its unique geographic position, easily accessible to the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as Asian and European destinations by way of the Panama Canal.

3. You can stick a magnet to your cabin wall

The reason for this fact is that cruise cabin walls and doors are made of metal. It’s a safety precaution, of course, but we’ve seen guests make quirky use of this feature, adding magnetic hooks to their walls for a place to hang their jackets.

4. Irons are not allowed on board.

You may want to eliminate last-minute creases to your shirt, but irons and steamers are strictly forbidden due to their potential as a fire hazard. So, if your clothes are not wrinkle-resistant, pack a wrinkle release spray or otherwise make use of the ship’s laundry service.

 5. News, fresh off the press

Each morning cruise guests can look forward to waking to a daily newsletter sent under their door, which contains all the exciting news of what’s going on onboard, including activities and entertainment and essential updates to the itinerary. To ensure all newsletters are up-to-date and correct, they have to be printed while at sea, so every ship has its own print shop where these are created.

6. Swim in the ocean onboard

Cruise pools are most often filled with seawater – logical due to their location! Many don’t realise this fact as the water is passed through a filter. Some ships also desalinate it for a freshwater feel.

7. Record-breaking vow renewal

Cruises are perfect for romantic getaways, so it’s little surprise that renewing your vows at sea is surging in popularity. And Princess Cruises set the record on 11th February 2020. Across their three ships – Regal Princess, Royal Princess and Crown Princess – 1,443 couples participated in the largest multi-location vow renewal ceremony, a record now featured in the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records.

8. Who’s the godmother?

Cruise ships are superstitious places. As well as smashing a champagne bottle against the hull before their maiden voyage – a tradition thought to have been started by Queen Victoria when launching the HMS Royal Arthur in 1891 – cruise ships are also blessed by their appointed godmother. Notable godmothers include Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Mirren, Julie Andrews and Priscilla Presley. A couple of ships have even gone digital, using Fiona from Shrek and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan as their animated bearer of good luck.

This is just a glimpse into the uniquely eccentric world of cruising. Many more quirky features make cruises what they are and add to the countless reasons why we love them so much!

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