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Eight Unique Things Around The World To Do That Will Blow Your Mind

Eight Unique Things Around The World To Do That Will Blow Your Mind

With cruising, it can sometimes be hard to branch out and experiment. Those mini cruises are too tempting; that irresistible deal of a two-night sailing to your favourite, charming city is a no-brainer; and how are you meant to turn down a dreamy route to the Mediterranean?

But it’s time to start ticking things off your bucket list that every traveller must make their own memories of, from walking on top of an Opera House for the best view of the city, to visiting the lantern festival that will give you the most unbelievable holiday photos to take away with you forever…

Here are 8 unique things around the world you won’t believe you haven’t done yet (prepare for your bucket list to get a whole lot longer)…

1-Face The Big Five

African Safari

If you search for the utterly unbelievable moments that will live with you forever, an African safari is the one that will always remain unmatched!

Spot the rare creatures you’ve only ever seen in the pictures aswell as the iconic species known as the Big Five; rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard.


Did You Know: The “Big Five” originally referred to the difficulty in hunting the five mammals! All are considered to be dangerous and are considered a feat by trophy hunters to bring them home.

2- Light Up The Sky

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 

This one is a must for those who enjoy delving into the mesmerizing and unforgettable. You’ll witness hundreds of luminous sky lanterns carry people’s handwritten prayers, hopes and wishes into a dazzling sea of lights above.

And it won’t just be a treat for the eyes as the live performances sparkle the scene too, making the spectacular night one hard to forget.


Did You Know: The ‘sky lantern’ was invented to transmit military information during the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-265)! Now it is most popularly used as a way to raise hopes and carry prayers of the people.

3- Sled The Snow

Husky Sledding in Tromso

There’s no better way to enjoy the Norwegian scenery than on a dog sledding adventure.

And located 350 km from the Arctic Circle is Tromso, the largest city in Northern Norway, and the best type of the scenery to enjoy in the most unique way.

10 things

Did You Know: Dog sledding has been around for over 1,000 years!

4- Explore The Extinct

Rano Kau

One of the world’s most amazing natural wonders you just can’t afford to miss in a lifetime is this extinct volcano on Easter Island.

Its spectacular eruption two and a half million years ago was one that formed a natural ampitheatre (200 metres deep) that frames a large freshwater lake. A perfectly shaped, picturesque moment to tick off your list!

10 things

Did You Know: Legend has it that the lake at the bottom of the volcano (100m above sea level) doesn’t have a bottom- it reachers the very core of Earth!

5- Get Lost In The Clouds

Denali National Park

This is one of of the most awe-inspiring sights in Alaska: the highest mountain peak in North America that majestically ascends to 20,310 feet.

You’ll get to explore the snowy summits of the Alaska range if you visit the national park, and the backdrop to your holiday photos will star 650 species of flowering plants!

10 things

Did You Know: it’s home to 37 species of mammals, from arctic ground squirrels to foxes, from snowshoe hares to black bears (you’ll find these if you go wandering around the park’s forested areas…)

6- Ogle At Oslo

Norway’s Capital City

Norway is considered as somewhat of an undiscovered gem, so make it a part of your list to discover it! Start with a relaxing adventure around the city’s surrounding countryside and parks  hiking, cycling, skiing or boating. And just know that climbing mountains is one of the most natural things to do here, and it applied to buildings too!

The Oslo Opera House is one that features a marble covered roof that’ll unveil to you different angles of the city (and walking ontop of it is the norm!)

oslo ten things

Did You Know: The city has been named as the best place for young architects to find work, so you can expect some brilliant backdrops to your holiday pictures…

7- Touch the Sky

SkyJump, Auckland Harbour Bridge

If New Zealand wasn’t already positioned as a priority on your bucket list, thank us later. The utterly unforgettable experience comes in the form of plummeting 192 metres from the island’s Sky Tower at 85km an hour!

Its certificate of excellence guarantees it a moment worth facing and its status of the country’s highest tower makes it one for the brave; alternatively you can opt for the SkyWalk.

Located on the same tower, you can edge along a narrow walkway (with no handrails) 192 metres above Auckland…


Did You Know: There’s no maximum age limit for SkyJump! That means starting to persuade the grandparents now…

8- Discover the World at Night

World Cruise

Take a break from backpacking and slumming your way from hotel to hotel and put luxury above everything else. Not only will a world cruise show you the world with the need to unpack only once, but it’ll reveal the most amazing places lit up like never before.

A typical 117-day voyage means that rushing is the last thing on your mind; with so much time, there’ll be a lot of overnight stays in the most incredible ports meaning you can visit tourist gems in an entirely different light!


Did You Know: Booking a world cruise means lots of onboard rewards in the future- your extra loyalty membership points will give you free parking, priority embarkation and even invites to dine with the Captain!

Have you done any of these unique things around the world? What’s your favourite thing you’ve ticked off your bucket list? Which of the above have you added to your must-do list? Leave us your comments!


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