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6 Essential Apps Every Traveller Needs

6 Essential Apps Every Traveller Needs

It’s a technological world and we’re always looking for easy apps to simplify our day to day lives. So why should it be any different whilst travelling? It’s time to throw away your guide books and grab your smart phone, because we’ve got the lowdown on the best apps every traveller must have!

Gone are the days of lugging around giant maps in attempt to navigate the busy foreign streets, or stumbling through your phrase book looking for the exact way to ask ‘where can I find the loo?’ There are apps for just about everything, so abolish your stresses and read on to learn why your smart phone is your new best travel companion.

City Mapper

Put down your overly priced city map and download City Mapper instead. It’s easy to use, just put in where you want to go and it’ll give you incredibly detailed information on how to get there, including: public transport and cycle/walking routes! The app also gives you super-fast updates so you know as soon as possible if you’re train’s delayed and offers alternate options to get you to your destination.

Lost woman reading map


For simple currency conversions, xCurrency is the best app on the market in 2019. It allows you to convert any currency on the go, with real-time updates and automatic localisation of currency.  Simply type the amount and it will automatically convert into any selected currency. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

foreign currency


TripIt is the master organiser when it comes to creating your perfect holiday itinerary. Link your email to it and the app will scan for any reservations, bookings, flights, etc. and add them all to one easy to read itinerary. If you’re travelling with friends you can also share the itinerary with them or on social media, so everyone knows where and when they need to be. You get instant alerts for flight delays, cancellations or gate changes and the app will find you alternate flights at the drop of a hat!

travel planning app

Pack Point

There’s nothing worse than the pre-holiday packing dread. You always find yourself pulling your hair out over whether to pack your favourite shorts or play it safe in jeans, but Pack Point will do it all for you! Create a profile, add in your destination, length of stay and purpose. Then, voilà: the app will tailor make you a checklist of the travel essentials for your trip! It will also take check the weather for your trip and take this into account.

travel app can make packing easier


iTranslate is by far the best translation app out there. It’s super simple to use, just type or speak what you want to say and it’ll give you the translation right away. It can even repeat the phrase back to you for perfect pronunciation as well. The best part of the app is that you can listen to translations in male and female voices, and even switch between different dialects. Gone are the days of you trying to guess what a particular item is on the menu!

travel app google can translate menu items


Unique to food recommendation apps, Foursquare will recommend the best restaurants, bars or cafes in any city in the world then suggest things to do or nightlife to carry on the adventure. If you get a craving, opens the app, select a cuisine and it will tell you exactly where to go. All information is based on real reviews and tips from locals and tourists.

get the best burger with a travel app

So there’s our top 6 apps that every traveller needs! What do you think? Are you ready to throw away your guidebooks and download some of these apps? Do you know of any other apps that have revolutionised your travel experience? Let us know in the comments!

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