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5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On A Cruise

5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On A Cruise

With the summer holidays on the horizon, it’s time to think about where you’ll be capturing those laughter-filled family moments. Well, what could be a better adventure for you and your children than setting sail on a cruise?

The endless ocean views, exciting destinations, and fabulous onboard activities make cruises a favourite for all the family. But what kids’ cruise entertainment can you expect on your ship?

As every parent knows, when on a cruise with kids, keeping them happy and engaged is vital to a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for everyone. To help ensure your little ones (or teens) have the time of their lives while sailing at sea, we share our five ways to keep kids entertained on a cruise.

Discover Interactive Workshops and Classes

A cruise isn’t just a holiday; it’s a floating campus of fun and learning, with kids’ clubs on cruises playing a central role. These clubs are segmented by age, ensuring that programming is age-appropriate and engaging for your kids, whether toddlers, teens or any age in between. Within the secure environment of a cruise kid’s club, your children can participate in a wide array of activities tailored to their interests and energy levels.

Adventure Ocean® by Royal Caribbean, Camp Ocean™ by Carnival, and Disney’s Oceaneer Club are prime examples of kids’ clubs on cruises that offer more than just playtime. These clubs incorporate educational workshops, such as science experiments and unique marine discoveries, art classes inspired by ocean views, and cooking sessions that introduce young chefs to global cuisines.

Moreover, kids’ clubs on cruises often feature themed days, where activities are centred around science, culture, or environmental conservation, providing your children with a fun, immersive learning experience.

As parents, knowing your children are engaged in such enriching experiences provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy some of the adult-oriented amenities onboard.

Waterparks and Swimming Pools

Onboard waterparks and pools are like magnets for kids of any age. With multi-storey slides, splash pads, and wave pools, it’s where the action is. Whether your child is a thrill-seeker ready to conquer the tallest slide or just looking to paddle in a kid-friendly pool, there’s something for everyone.

To enjoy the best cruises with kids, look for cruise ships with creative waterparks and fun water features. For example, the AquaDuck on Disney Cruise Line is a water coaster that winds around the ship, offering thrilling views and excitement.

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas boasts its Perfect Storm water slides, a trio of slides that cater to thrill-seekers. The same cruise line offers Splashaway Bay aqua park on many of its ships, with water cannons, fountains and whirlpools delighting kids of all ages.

Take Part in Sports and Adrenaline-Filled Activities

If you’re an active family, you and your children will be thrilled by the array of physical activities available on modern cruise ships. And these facilities are not just for the under 18s. On the contrary, many of these kids’ cruise activities are perfect for all the family to enjoy together.

Rock climbing walls challenge kids, teens and adults alike, providing a safe, controlled environment to scale new heights. If you and your children are seeking a rush, onboard zip lines, suspended rope courses, and bungee trampolines deliver exhilarating experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. 

For a more laid-back activity, try mini-golf. These courses are often whimsically themed, offering fun and competitive cruise ship entertainment for kids and all the family. Alternatively, check out the basketball and soccer courts. Many host friendly games and tournaments, providing a fantastic opportunity to foster teamwork and make new friendships among young passengers.

Remember, sports facilities and activities vary between cruise lines and ships, so be sure to take a look at what your cruise ship offers in advance to avoid disappointment.

Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

The future of entertainment is here with virtual reality arcades found on some of the most innovative cruise ships. If your kids are game enthusiasts or tech-savvy, virtual reality experiences on cruise ships are a dream come true. They can step into new worlds and embark on virtual adventures, solving puzzles and competing in interactive games that blend the physical and digital realms.

Yet, this type of kids’ cruise entertainment is not just about playing—it provides an immersive experience that can also be educational, offering virtual field trips to distant planets or historical events. If you have a tween or a teen, you’ll likely find that these cutting-edge attractions will be a hit with them, providing an engaging activity that speaks their language.

Cruise ships that offer these trailblazing VR experiences include Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas, Norwegian Prima and Celebrity Beyond.

Family-friendly Excursions

With the best cruises for kids, the adventure doesn’t stop at the ship. Exploring new destinations together is a cornerstone of the family cruising experience, and many excursions are designed with younger guests in mind.

Shore excursions are your gateway to exploring new cultures, landscapes, and wildlife together. Whether snorkelling in turquoise waters or embarking on wildlife safaris, these adventures offer fun-filled experiences for all ages.

Meanwhile, educational tours, such as visiting ancient ruins with a knowledgeable guide, bring history to life in a way that will resonate with your young learners. It’s a chance to learn, laugh, and bond as a family.

Choosing the Best Cruise Ships for Kids

Not all ships are created equal, especially when it comes to family fun. Look for cruise ships designed with children in mind.

The best cruise ships for kids include features such as dedicated kids’ and teens’ clubs, family cabins and engaging activities. And, of course, no kids cruise is complete without those all-important waterparks and pools.

Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line are famous for their family-friendly amenities.

Get the Best Deals with Kids Go Free Cruises

To make your family vacation more affordable, look out for “kids go free” cruise deals.

MSC Cruises often leads the pack with generous offers that allow kids under a certain age to cruise for free when sharing a cabin with two paying adults.

Norwegian Cruise Line and occasionally Royal Caribbean offer similar promotions, especially during off-peak seasons. These deals can significantly reduce the cost of your family vacation, making luxury cruising accessible and budget-friendly.

Set Sail for a Family Adventure

Family cruise holidays provide an exceptional opportunity for you and your loved ones to bond, explore, and create lifelong memories. Book one this summer and you and your family can dive into adventures, relaxation, and fun that you’ll talk about for years to come.

If you have any questions about kid-friendly cruises, please get in touch with our cruise specialists.

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