32 Things That Always Leave Brits Feeling Mildly Miffed On Their Cruise

32 Things That Always Leave Brits Feeling Mildly Miffed On Their Cruise

We’ve all got those little bug bears; those things that are actually quite minor but for some reason just really seem to tick us off.

Like people that chew gum when they’re talking to you or not being able to catch a waiters attention.

Below are thirty two of the things that probably shouldn’t bug us when we’re off on a cruise but always seem to none the less…

1. When someone’s checking in ahead of you but they didn’t have their passport and tickets out ready…. And now can’t find them!

2. When the person in front of you has to go through the metal scanner four or five times. What, did you forget your belt buckle was made of METAL

3. When announcements are made over the tannoy at silly o’clock in the morning…. But you’re too tired to understand them anyway.

4. When dinner overruns and you arrive at the 8:00 show for 8:05.

5. When the signs/menu’s/newsletters all over the ship have the letter U taken out of the words… like flavor or color.

6. When you see someone you met at dinner around the ship and ask… “You alright?” and they actually give you an answer.

7. People that get up early to reserve sun loungers.

8. Or sit down for five minutes on one then disappear for three hours.

9. When you’re getting all the answers to the pub quiz right but got there slightly too late to enter.

10. When you see someone not using the hand sanitisers. Do you like being ill?

11. And then using their hands, instead of the tongs in the buffet. Do you like making us ill?

12. When you’re randomly chatting to a stranger and you suggest you should meet up for a drink later… and they actually take you up on it!

13. People that talk loudly in the corridor at 7:00 in the morning on their way to a shore excursion.

14. Or at 2:00am coming back from the night club… No it’s OK… we didn’t need any sleep thanks!

15. People that hold up the lifts… then only go down one floor!

16. When kids have pushed all the buttons in the lift so you have to stop at EVERY floor

17. Other people telling you how much they paid for their cruise.

18. And it was less.

19. A lot less

20. When a bartender makes you a cup of tea but you see them take the bag out after five seconds. Well thanks the cup of hot, milky water!

21. When the bartender doesn’t fill your pint up to the top.

22. When it’s your round but the couple you just met order the most expensive cocktails on the menu.

23. Having to pay a 100% solo supplement but only eating half the food a couple would.

24. When you see someone at the breakfast buffet hogging a big table all for themselves.

25. Unless it’s you, in which case that’s fair enough.

26. When Americans assume you’re British so must live in London.

27. Or they say something like I’ve a friend that lives in Britain… Do you know them?”

28. When someone who is not in a queue is stood close enough to a queue to make it look like they’re queuing so you stand behind them and not in the actual queue. Why? Why would you do that to us?

29. When you order a pie for dinner but it’s just a dish with a pastry lid.


31. When you bump into someone you know from home… Just… how?

32. When you’ve done nothing but relax by the pool all cruise and then spend the first day back at work feeling inadequate for not doing more cultural stuff when people ask you what you did on holiday.


Have we missed anything?

What leaves you feeling slightly irritated (if anything) when you’re off on your cruises?

Let us know in the comments below…


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