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22 Things That Really Annoy Scottish People On A Cruise

22 Things That Really Annoy Scottish People On A Cruise

We’ve all got things that annoy us when we’re on a cruise; whether it be sun lounger hogs, people not using the hand sanitisers or refusing to adhere to the dress codes. In fact we even wrote an article recently about the things that tended to bug people the most (you can read it here).

However there are some bugbears that seem to be peculiar to just one nationality or culture. Things that might drive one set of people absolutely crazy but don’t bother someone else at all.

After extensive research then… below are twenty two of the most annoying things about cruising for Scots…


We’re not laughing!

Scottish people on a cruise

No… No we’re not!

Scottish people on a cruise


Or that!

Scottish people on a cruise


Or that!

Scottish people on a cruise


Actually this one’s REALLY annoying… We just don’t like admitting it

or worse; when there actually is someone from Ireland on your table at dinner


Why do you care?

When fellow guests ask how you voted in the referendum… Even though you know they don’t really care


We’ve news for you… IT’S NOT REAL!

When you get asked if youve ever seen the loch ness monster



When the ship doesn’t have any Irn Bru on-board


That’s not how you spell it!

Or they do but it’s spelt it Iron Brew on all the menus


How would you know then?

When a fellow guest tells you they’ve never actually been to Scotland but ‘they hear it’s nice’


Scotland’s in the UK too you know

When cruise lines advertise ‘various’ UK ports… but none of them depart from Scotland


Sorry… Explain that one more time

When you’re chatting to someone at the bar and you learn how their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-Grandfather was Scottish; so they are too, just like you!



When someone compliment’s your ‘skirt’ on formal nights


Hahaha; that’s so funny! We’ve never heard that before!

Or makes a joke about ‘what’s under it’


No! Just no!

When someone you met at dinner the night before randomly spots you around the ship and shouts “Och aye the noo” to get your attention


We don’t actually like the rain you know

When you’re somewhere hot but it rains and someone says “well it least you’ll feel at home”


Just how small do you think Scotland is?

When the American couple you’ve been chatting to point out they know someone from Scotland and ask if you know them


We don’t really like these you know!

Well… Maybe a little

That IS NOT Scotch!

When you order Scotch off the menu only to be given an American whiskey



Scottish people on a cruise


Happens every time…

Then when you finally do manage to get a slight tan it fades almost as soon as you disembark from the ship


Have you ever annoyed someone from Scotland on a cruise?

Are you Scottish and have any of these ever annoyed you?

Let us know in the comments below…


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