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21 Things You Just Wouldn’t Expect To See On A Cruise Ship

21 Things You Just Wouldn’t Expect To See On A Cruise Ship

Everyone has their own preconceptions about what a cruise ship does (or maybe should) look like. From the experienced cruiser with a hundred voyages under their belt right through to the cruise newbie, these days everyone seems to have an idea of what to expect before they step on-board; whether it be from talking to friends and family, looking at brochures or watching videos online.

Every so often though a ship will surprise you. There’ll be something about it that you just wouldn’t expect to see; like for instance…


A bowling alley…

bowling alley


An absolutely enormous private balcony!

Giant balcony


An even bigger TV screen…

Giant TV


A Bake Shop with some of the most delicious looking cakes we’ve ever seen!





An Aquapark to keep the kids happy during the day…

Kids splash zone


A zipline…



A selfie booth to capture those ‘magical’ cruise moments…

Selfie booth


A view of the sea from your bath (or in this case the port!)

Bath with a view


A cave with a secret waterfall inside!

cave and waterfall


Cave and waterfall


An electronic dartboard…

Darts board


Carpets with directions on them! (The fish always swim towards the front of the ship)…

Fish directions


Your own, private, Teppanyaki chef…

Teppanyaki chef


A private pool area for all suite guests

Haven pool


A mini golf course…

mini golf


Six mojitos for just $15 (we’d probably recommend you do the mini golf course first)



The World’s biggest pile of bean bags (sorry folks… this is for the kids clubs only)

pile of bean bags


An actual plank you can walk over the side of the ship on (don’t worry… No one will make you jump!)

Plank walk


A ropes course for the young (and young at heart) cruiser…

ropes course


Brrrr… An actual snow room! Full of actual snow!

snow room


These water slides are certainly better than the ones down our local swimming baths!



water slides




Hull art drawn by renowned marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey

Hull art




Now here’s the interesting bit…

If you haven’t guessed yet all of these features are from just one, new ship! That’s right! You’ve been looking at Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest addition to the fleet, the NCL Escape.

What do you think of her?

Are you planning to cruise on-board?

Whats the weirdest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?

Let us know in the comments below…


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