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21 Of The Oddest Burgers On The McDonalds Menus From Around The World

21 Of The Oddest Burgers On The McDonalds Menus From Around The World

One of the best things about cruising all around the world (in our opinion anyway) is that you get to experience a variety of different countries and cultures in one holiday whilst still staying in the luxurious comfort of your chosen ship.

Whilst there’s always plenty of local delicacies to sample (both on and off board), the cruise lines always make sure of a wide variety of choices on the menu for those that like their more traditional choices.

Booking a land based holiday however doesn’t always give you that safety net as you’re instead relying on the local cuisine.

Ah”, you say, “but that’s ok. If we don’t like the local food we can always just go to McDonalds!”

Well… Maybe not…!

Just because you see those famous Golden Arches all around the world these days doesn’t mean you can just expect to walk in and order your usual cheeseburger.

Sometimes a trip to McDonald’s can feel like the most ‘foreign’ part of your holiday, as these pictures show…


Like the black and white burgers which you can order in China, Taiwan & Hong Kong

Did You Know: Going to McDonald’s in China is seen as a HUGE treat as it’s not really considered as fast food, more a luxury item due to the fact it’s all imported.

Or the Sakura Teritama from McDonald’s Japan.

It consists of a pork patty, served with a ginger flavoured Teriyaki sauce, a cooked egg and a sakura radish mayo on a sakura coloured bun.

Staying with the Japanese theme comes the Ebi Filet-O…

Very similar to the Western filet-O-fish burger but this time made with shrimps instead!

Or if you really like shrimp….

Head to Russia where you can dispense with the McChicken nuggets and instead munch down on some tasty McShrimps

What else would you expect from Australia other than the McOz burger?

Oddly though this one comes served with slices of beetroot, in a traditional Aussie style.

Switching to India now, you can order this vegetarian friendly Paneer Salsa Wrap

Paneer is a very common cheese in India and well worth a go for anyone that’s never tried it!

You can order this breakfast in Nicaragua

And as well as your standard sausage and eggs you’ll be served up a side of rice and beans

Staying with the breakfast theme comes the Chinese McMuffin…

This time with a tender chicken patty replacing the more traditional sausage one.

We actually can’t decide if we like the look of the McTurco or not…

If it seems very similar to a western style burger that’s because it is but with all the ingredients stuffed into a flat bread as opposed to the traditional bun.

Moving on to the McNoodles…

Now you may expect to see these served up somewhere in the Far East but actually the McNoodles are one of the more popular items on the menu in Austria.

We weren’t even sure what this one was to start with!

The McKroket is only served in Holland and is a rather hard to describe. Inside the crispy breadcrumb coating you’ll find a cheese sauce mixed with chunks of beef, all topped off with a mustard mayo topping.

Has anyone ever had one? What was it like?

If you were served this you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d wondered into KFC by mistake!

These are yanju flavoured McWings; only available in Chinese McDonald’s (which is a shame because they look delicious!)

The McPoutine, only available in Canada…

French fries, cheese and gravy. Yum (we think)

We’re not so sure about this one as the name feels a little too easy….

But head to McDonald’s France and you can order yourself a McBaguette. (Yup, that’s really what it’s called!)

If you get fed up of burgers may we suggest you head on over to India?

There you’ll be able to enjoy the McCurry (we didn’t name these). Curried vegetables in a creamy sauce served in a baked crust so you can even eat the bowl! Served both with and without chicken.

Or if a curry’s not your thing…

One of India’s most popular burgers is the Maharajah Mac, very similar to the Big Mac but made with chicken instead of beef

One of Latin Americas favourite dishes is the McMollette

Refried beans, cheese and salsa all served up on half an English muffin

Moving on to dessert…

If you like the look of this sweet looking McFlurry we’re afraid you’ll have to head all the way down to Colombia to enjoy it. If you’re wondering it’s a pineapple Oreo flavoured McFlurry (we didn’t even know pineapple Oreo’s were a thing!)

This may be one of our favourites…

In fact it looks so good we wouldn’t even of minded if it’d of been served to us on a cruise. We can’t quite believe it’s served in a fast food restaurant! Although we have to say we like how Peru do things!

Although after all that we still think America has got the right idea!

You can use these terminals to custom design your own burger with whatever ingredients you want (but we’re still willing to bet you couldn’t make your burger as exotic as some of the above!)


Have you ever tried a cheeky McDonald’s whilst you were abroad? Did you try any of these? Or something even more exotic?

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten in a foreign country?

Have you ever seen any strange food on McDonalds Menus?

Let us know in the comments below…


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