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2019 Starts Without A Bang: The Destination Banning Fireworks To Protect What You Visit It For

2019 Starts Without A Bang: The Destination Banning Fireworks To Protect What You Visit It For

The Galapagos Islands have decided to begin 2019 with the decision to ban the sale and use of fireworks.

The authorities have done this to protect its unique fauna and fireworks that produce light but no sound have also been excluded from the ban.

Conservationists have said that animals suffer from elevated heart rates, trembling and anxiety after pyrotechnic events whilst many injuries are caused by fireworks, particularly among children.

Thousands of people visit the islands every year for its bizarre oasis of nature and pristine environment.

“This is a gift to conservation for Ecuador and the world,” the president of the local council, Lorena Tapia, tweeted.

“Ecosystems as sensitive as that of the Galapagos Islands are affected , especially its fauna, which is unique.” 

The campaign against fireworks began in 2017 and the measure will take immediate effect, banning the transportation of fireworks to the islands as well as their sale or use.

There is increasing pressure on the Ecuadorean government to do more to protect its sensitive ecosystems. So far, single-use plastics have been banned on the islands, which have a population of 25,000 people.

The indigenous species found on the Galapagos islands, including iguanas and tortoises, played a key role in the development of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

There are 600 indigenous plants, some of which have evolved into as many as 6 different species of the same plant whilst some areas are so sparse that some areas of desert look like they could be on the moon!


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What do you think of the news today? Are you pleased authorities are taking measures to protect and preserve these precious Islands? Have you been to the Galapagos yet? Leave us your comments below…

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