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19 Reasons The Guy Next Door Would Never Go To China

19 Reasons The Guy Next Door Would Never Go To China

Some people will try to tell you that China is a fascinating place…

terracotta warriors

But we’re not so sure

Chinese fisherman


The buildings are all really ugly

Chinese architecture


And look rather dulltemple in hong kong

The landscapes not really worth the visit anyway

Chinese landscape


There’s absolutely nothing historical to see at all

great wall of china


Even though everyone’s completely obsessed with the past

crows nest


The local villages aren’t even that picturesque

Chinese village


We mean at all!

Chinese village


The night life in the cities is non-existent

Beijing night life


And the roads are always congested

China cruise


There’s absolutely nothing there to surprise you

Danxia mountains


And don’t get us started on the food

dim sum



Basically, there’s nothing in China you can’t see anywhere else



Nothing at all

Giant budhha statue


Or this…

Chinese garden


Are you starting to get it yet?

Chinese dragon festival


No-one should ever go to China

yangtze river

You’ve been warned….

Red Panda


Just stay at home instead



That ‘guy next door’! He sure know what he’s talking about doesn’t he? We mean why on earth could you possibly want to visit China?

It’s a beautiful country that’s both at once modern, offering travellers all the comfort they could possibly desire, as well as boasting thousands of years of fascinating history.

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