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Something Big Is Coming For QE2…Let’s Take A Look At 178 Years of Cunard Memories

Something Big Is Coming For QE2…Let’s Take A Look At 178 Years of Cunard Memories

In the cruising world, we are always looking forward. We’re always counting down until the next ship or the next actual cruise booked!

But we forget to look back on our favourite memories at sea and with 178 years behind Cunard, it would be rude not to dwell on our favourite memories with them- wouldn’t it?

Whether it be a specific moment with staff onboard or visiting a favourite destination or boarding Cunard for a special occasion, we wanted to hear your views…

Take a look back through the memories of our forum members below…

Cunard through time - cunard memories

BigMac, Stewart from Glasgow, took it way back: “Our cruising and crossing only started in 2007. Our two children announced that they were doing their own thing for holidays, so I used that as a green light to tick one off my bucket list; a trip on the QE2.

We loved the ship. Our room creaked and groaned continuously, but it just added to the mystique and character. The PG restaurant was excellent and I couldn’t believe it when they changed a menu one day because I had requested something.

Some folk we met in the QG Lounge suggested that if we had paid all this money for PG, why not just pay a bit more for QG. That was our next biggest mistake, because it’s been QG ever since. As soon as we came home, we started thinking about our next cruise.

QE2Just before we embarked, they announced the QE2’s retiral. I decided to buy one of the life rings and during the rest of the two weeks had everyone of any importance sign the ring, from Ian McNaught to the lecturers including many senior staff members. It now sits in a mahogany case!”


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Cooke, Ashby didn’t sail onboard but witnessed QE2 in her beauty: “We didn’t sail on QE2 but were in Svalbard at the same time as her several years ago. The previous evening Sid, our Maitre d on Ocean Majesty, spoke to every table as was his habit and said we would be tendering and QE2 was in port too.

Next morning, we were berthed and QE2 was at anchor.she looked absolutely stunning against the Svalbard scenery. We only felt a little smug when we could walk up the gangplank and the Cunarders had to queue for the tender!”


Bradbury, Coventry has a unique story of QE2: “I made a spur of the moment decision without my newly wed husband; to accompany my mum. Now bear in mind this is 1988– 30 years ago and do you see I mentioned the price £199 for a basic inside cabin! Yes the same price as you can pick a 2 nighter up for now, so goes to show this was not cheap!

I can still to this day remember packing just a small holdall with my evening gown rolled up inside and standing at the desk for check in. We had good weather out of Southampton so made good use of the Jacuzzi on the stern of the ship and the lovely open deck spaces.

Afternoon tea was a must, silver service white gloved waiters and being called madam everywhere I went. If ever I get the chance I would love to revisit QE2 looking resplendent in all her new found glory.”

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Another cruiser told us how even in times of tragedy, cruisers have come together on Cunard and become like family.

Noreen from Nenagh said: “My First memory of Cunard is being on board QE2 on September 11th 2001 on our way from Southampton to New York. We were having lunch in Princess Grill when our waiter, Magic, brought the news that the first planes had hit the Twin Towers. While we were able to get some information it was not until we got back home we discovered the true disaster that shook the world.”

We were supposed to arrive in New York the following Sunday but due to the Port being closed we were diverted to Boston. People were taken by bus from there to New York. We were due to spend 3 nights in New York and fly back but as a great number of Cabins were not occupied we booked to return on QE again.

While it brought a sad feeling to the cruise it brought everyone together in a most amazing way. It was like one big family. We made friends on that cruise that we still have and see every year even though we are in different countries.”


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Our cruise consultants have sailed on every ship and line you can think of- let’s see what they have to say about their adventures with Cunard…

Betsy cruise consultant

Betsy told us about her crossing on Cunard between New York and Southampton: “I get goosebumps now thinking about my voyage it is a ‘must do ‘ travel experience, on the most famous crossing in history on the most amazing ocean liner and it really is a unforgettable experience which I will never forget.”  You can read more about Betsy here.


abbi cruise consultant

Abbi particularly remembers the food: “The food was fantastic on board, so much choice on the menu and delicious meals with great service. Every evening I enjoyed a delicious starter, and main and of course I always left room for my desert. The best meal I had was an amazing steak, I am a steak lover and this was cooked to perfection and so soft it melted in my mouth!” You can learn more about Abbi here.


Louise cruise consultantAnother one of our expert consultants Louise added that her father was one of the head chefs on the QE2 in the 70’s! You can learn more about Louise and her cruise travels here.



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What are your memories of the QE2? Did you ever sail with her? Have you stayed onboard in Dubai yet? What do you think the big news is this Sunday? Leave us your comments below!

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