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175 Years of Cruise History in 2:14 seconds!

175 Years of Cruise History in 2:14 seconds!

To celebrate 175 years of being at the forefront of ocean travel, Cunard Cruise Line has unveiled a brand new animated timeline that takes viewers on a journey through the shipping line’s most iconic moments.

Beginning in 1840 and ending at the present day the two and a half-minute digital animation showcases some of the company’s most significant moments over the past seventeen and a half decades.

Sit back and watch as the unique journey takes you through a fascinating series of events, including Cunard’s participation in World War One, the first World Voyage in 1922 and the golden age of cruising in the 1950s.

Angus Struthers, Cunard’s marketing director, said: “This year is our 175th anniversary and we are proud to be able to showcase everything we have achieved in this time.

“We have so much planned for 2015, including events across the globe which we hope as many people as possible will join us for and take their place in our history books too.”

You can watch the gripping animated timeline of 175 years of Cunard travel here…


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