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17 Of The Worst Cruise Souvenirs EBay Has To Offer

17 Of The Worst Cruise Souvenirs EBay Has To Offer

Have you ever gone on a cruise and accidentally come away with part of the ship? We don’t mean the anchor – perhaps more like a pen you took from your cabin or perhaps, (more unusually) a coat hanger? Or else have you ever bought a particularly tacky cruise ship souvenir?

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team have recently seen a strange influx of cruise goodies popping up on EBay. There is everything weird and wonderful, from cruise ship spoons to the slippers you are given in your room!

Would you buy any of these items? We’re not sure we would…


A Cunard Coat Hanger

Cunard Coat Hanger

Really? A coat hanger?! We feel a bit saddened for the person who made off from their cabin with this.


A Carnival Cruise Ship Mascot

Carnival Cruise Ship Mascot2

Ever wanted a strange pink toy creature with the Carnival Funnel on his head? Well now you can get one!


A Crystal Cruises Pencil

crystal cruises pencil

We’ve all taken the pen from our room before on a cruise… But have you ever tried to sell yours?


A 1938 Cruise Brochure

1938 Cruise Brochure

We admit that this piece of memorabilia is better than a pencil but would you want a brochure from 1938?


Celebrity Cruises Swizzle Stick

Celebrity Cruises Swizzle Stick

Now you can pretend you’re making cocktails on a cruise in your own kitchen with the power of these wooden swizzle sticks…


Princess Cruises Circle Pins

Princess Cruises Circle Pins

These Princess pins aren’t the coolest fashion statement we’ve ever seen… but we have seen worse!

Questionable “Cruise Ship” Spoon

Questionable Cruise Ship Spoon

Now we’re not sure exactly what ship or cruise line this spoon has come from – is someone really going to pay $4.99 for it?


A P&O Fridge Magnet

p&o fridge magnet

Does this brightly coloured fridge magnet take your fancy?


Holland America Ticket Holder

Holland America Ticket Holder

Although useful… really?


Princess Cruises Tote Bag

Princess Cruises Tote Bag

We’re not so sure about this Princess bag either.


A Royal Caribbean Coke Cup

Royal Caribbean Coke Cup

Or this overpriced coke cup!


Azamara Slippers

Azamara Slippers

Seriously, who is buying someone else’s slippers?


Fred Olsen High Vis Jacket

Fred Olsen High Vis Jacket

And we’re not sure this would be good to anyone but a cyclist perhaps!


Oceania Luggage Tag

Oceania Luggage Tag

Are you tempted by these?


A Hurtigruten Hat

Hurtigruten Hat

Or this hat?


Regent Seven Seas Wrist Watch

Regent Seven Seas Wrist Watch

Would you be seen with this watch?


MSC Cruises Mug

MSC Coffee Mug

Or would you be enticed instead by this “very lightly handled” item?


We all love cruising… but we can’t say we’d buy any of these items!

What do you think of them? Cruise ship gold or cruising rubbish?

Have you ever bagged yourself a few cruise souvenirs?

Let us know in the comments below!


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