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Bungalows On Stilts And The Paradise Of Bora Bora

Bungalows On Stilts And The Paradise Of Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small Island in the South Pacific famed for its beautiful white beaches and stunning scenery. It’s a quiet haven located halfway between the USA and Australia and is surrounded by stunning coral reef.

In fact, it’s so secluded Hawaii has more visitors in 10 days than it does in a year! This means it’s a perfect haven away from mass tourism, busy vendors and is the perfect place to sit back, relax, or explore…

So without further ado, here’s our favourite 13 things to do in Bora Bora!


Wonders Of The Coral Reef

The first thing you have to visit is the stunning coral reef that the island boasts. Take in the gardens of reef as you swim in the shallow shores…

bora bora coral reef

Swim with the fishes through the crystal clear water…

bora bora fish

Or learn to snorkel or scuba dive!

bora bora snorkel

Alternatively you could try your hand at paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking your way over the calm lagoon waters!

bora bora paddle board

Did you know? The island was originally called Pora Pora but European settlers misheard it and Bora Bora ended up sticking!


Wildlife Watching

But pretty beaches isn’t all there is to see. The wildlife enthusiasts amongst you can enjoy dolphin and whale watching tours, with local marine life being spotted frequently in the area.

bora bora dolphin

The daring amongst you can also go diving with sharks! There are opportunities on several parts of the islands shores to get up close and personal with reef sharks and lemon sharks or to swim with rays under the watch of a local guide.

The sharks or rays will be fed whilst you are there, and if you are brave enough you could feed one yourself…

bora bora sharks

Did you know? There are no poisonous snakes or insects on the island so feel free to get lost – the island won’t hurt you!


Visit The Islands Quirks

There are also plenty of hidden gems around the island that you should be sure to visit!

The iconic image of Bora Bora is their bungalows on stilts which, even if you aren’t staying in one, is a great thing to have a look at. It’s sure to make you feel like a true explorer.

 Bora Bora Cruise

The more adventurous amongst you could even head out on a helicopter! A helicopter tour of the island gives you a stunning view of the whole island and you can see the coral reefs in all their glory from above.

bora bora panorama


See The Mountains And Landscape

As well as tranquil beaches, Bora Bora offers some rugged landscape to explore. Take a jeep safari over truly rugged terrain traveling to lookout points to see stunning views, tropical plants and local wildlife.

It will also give you the chance to travel to villages further up the island where you will be able to sample typical local food and see the friendly village communities.

bora bora waterfall

Wherever you are on the island you will be able to see Mt Otemanu. It is the remains of an ancient volcano which is 2385 feet above sea level and provides a beautiful backdrop to all your pictures!

bora bora mountain

Did you know? There has never been a successful ascent of Mount Otemanu although locals regularly climb part of the side with their dogs. This is because the rock is simply un-climbable! You were once able to take a helicopter to the top but this has since been banned.  


Wine, Dine And Cocktail

Perhaps the best part of island life is sitting back in the sun with a drink in hand.

Cruise To Bora Bora

Whether you’re having a cocktail and enjoying the sunset…

Bora Bora Cruise Holiday

Or enjoying a BBQ on the beach with local grilled fish…

bora bora fish

You’ll truly feel at paradise in Bora Bora!

Did you know? If you have a drink and feel like putting a flower in your hair like a local – be careful! Flowers in people’s hair actually mean something to the locals and if the flowers is over your left ear you are taken, and over the right ear means that you are single.


Hang With The Locals

When the sun goes down its time for some local entertainment – and it won’t be something you’ve seen before!

bora bora dancers

Enjoy a full showing of Tahitian culture as locals dance, breath fire and perform amazing, circus style feats!

Bora Bora Cruise Holiday

Did you know? Half of the population here is under 20 years old and consists of just under 9000 people.


Have you ever visited Bora Bora before? What was your favourite part? Leave us your comments and take a look at our other exotic guides below!

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