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15 Images Of Vietnamese Moped Users Getting It Completely Wrong

15 Images Of Vietnamese Moped Users Getting It Completely Wrong

If you’re heading to Vietnam on a cruise, whether it be a river cruise down the Mekong or an ocean cruise calling straight into Ho Chi Minh we guarantee one of the first things you’ll notice is the number of scooters on the roads.

You won’t be able to help it… They’re everywhere!

In Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) alone there are over two million scooters serving a population of just over six million. That’s around one scooter for every three people in the city!

From a Western perspective it’s certainly an eye opener as, whilst it’s a legal requirement that anyone riding a scooter must wear a helmet, in terms of health and safety that’s pretty much as far as it goes.

Scooters are a ubiquitous part of Vietnamese life in the cities and will be used for everything.

And when we say everything… We mean everything!


They’re used to pull delivery carts…

Even for large objects such as bamboo.

vietmanese scooter pulling a cart


Transporting goods to market…

carrying luggage on a scooter


That can’t be safe, surely?


How does he even balance?


This guys suspension must be shot!


Is he building a hovercraft do you think?


Well at least they’re all wearing their helmets!

Family on a scooter in vietnam


It’s not just the roads you have to look out on!

family riding a scooter on a path in vietnam


Come rain or shine….

The weather isn’t going to stop this guy!

Wearing a poncho on a scooter

No poncho? Don’t worry!

Vietnamese woman Umberlla on a scooter


This person went with both…

Vietnamese couple with Umberella and poncho on a scooter


Well that’s one way to do your shopping!


No, that’s not a peacock…

Just don’t ask us how they know where they’re going!


We have no words…!


That can’t be comfy!

They’re even used for quick power naps.

vietmanese man asleep on a scooter


And as a final bonus….

Not technically that dangerous but we thought we’d include it as it was really cute!


It’d be easy to read this and think it’s incredibly dangerous to cross the road in any of Vietnam’s cities but strangely it’s actually quite safe.

Don’t get us wrong, the traffic wont stop for you and good luck finding a crossing! Your best bet is to pick where you want to cross, choose your moment and just start walking.

The riders are used to this and will just circle around you. It’s only if you get nervous, stop, change direction or speed up that accidents happen.

Pick your spot, pick your direction and just head out… You’ll be fine!


Vietnam’s a fascinating country to visit that offers a completely different culture to the open minded traveler. If you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful county why not take a look here…


Have you ever ridden a moped? Do you think you could have carried a whole live cow to market?

Let us know in the comments below…

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