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13 Ways to Copy Kate and Leo On a Cruise

13 Ways to Copy Kate and Leo On a Cruise

It’s been nearly twenty four years since James Cameron hit the big time (and the big ‘berg – although less said about that on a cruise site the better) with the box office smash Titanic.

Twenty four years!

Whether you’ve seen it or not (and if not, probably best not to if you’ve got a cruise planned) you’ll know that it’s an action-slash-romantic-slash-disaster film that brings the story of the 1912 doomed liner into the present day and with English rose Kate Winslet and a rather young looking Leonardo DiCaprio at the helm, it was bound to be a belter.

For a bit of fun or to throw in a bit of extra romance, have you ever thought about recreating some of the movie’s best bits on your next cruise?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to don a lifejacket and throw yourself into the icy depths of a glacier-ridden ocean; there are plenty of safer, less crazy ways to bring a little Kate and Leo love to your cruise.

Do you see yourself as a wannabe Rose and Jack?

Here’s what Cruise.co.uk think you need to do to accomplish it……….

1 – Feel like you’re flying

As one of the movie’s defining moments, this is a must-do!

Head to the bow of your cruise ship, get as close to the front as possible (without falling in, obviously – that would be silly) and feel like you’re flying, Jack and Rose style or just pull up a chair and enjoy an uninterrupted view.

It’s worth noting that not all cruise ships allow access to the bow of the ship. Often this area is reserved as either a crew only area (as it gets a lot of head wind as the ship cruises) or as a heli-landing pad (or both).

ships that star in movies westerdam

2 – Draw her like one of Jack’s French girls

Head to one of the hands-on art classes onboard a Celebrity cruise, before heading back to your cabin with some sketching paper and pencil in hand to ‘ahem’ practice in private.

Don’t forget to lock the door if it’s near room turndown time, though!

You will be able to draw each other like one of Jack’s French girls or will it be more abstract (purposely, of course)?

Perhaps it will just be a stick lady!

It’s the romantic thought that counts and if you don’t want to waste a classy nude on your drawing skills, go modern and take a cheeky snap of each other in your birthday suits

Just don’t upload it to Facebook!

3 – Learn to spit

Hocking up over the side of a glamorous cruise liner is nothing to be proud of but if you are trying to be a modern day Jack and Rose…………

Just make sure you use the promenade deck so there are no balconies below you it could get blown back into!

Or if you really don’t like that thought try a wine tasting class on P&O Cruises – spitting the wine out is kinda the same thing

wine tasting

4 – Dine in First Class

Book into one of the Grill Suites onboard a Cunard ship such as the QM2 and you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most sumptuous and exclusive restaurants at sea.

Dress up in your fanciest eveningwear and see how the rich and famous live, just like Jack did when Cal gave him the chance to dine first class after ‘saving Rose’s life’.

Dining in first class

5 – Hire a Butler

Hopefully, he’ll be a little nicer than Rose and Cal’s was in the film!

Don’t worry, your butler won’t chase you around the corridors with a pistol and he won’t accuse you of theft or handcuff you to a pipe in the Master at Arm’s office.

He will, however, make reservations for you, organise your dry cleaning, serve you dinner and mix up a mean martini.

Book a suite for the best chance of some white gloved service.

Hire a Butler

6 – Dance, Dance, Dance

While donning your finery for a waltz around the ballroom is nice enough (and extra nice in the Queens Room on Cunard ships), sometimes you just need to let your hair down and heading below deck to dance, third class style, was Rose’s chance of doing just that.

Whilst you won’t be able to clamber onto the tables and show off your Michael Flatley impressions, the nightclubs found on many of the larger fleets – Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines, to name a few, are fun places to let your feet do the talking.

If you actually prefer the cha cha to the Cha Cha Slide however, you can learn all the moves on a Cunard cruise or book a Crystal ‘Ballroom at Sea’ theme cruise to really go all out on the sequins and salsa.


7 – Sip from a china cup

Be a lady of leisure and take tea, like Rose’s mum Ruth does on the Titanic.

Many liners, such as the Cunard fleet, still offer the quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, cakes, scones and clotted cream.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear the OTT hat and the pinkie finger in the air is optional.

For a modern twist with Persian candyfloss and edible perfume, book an Eric Lanlard tea on P&O Cruises Britannia. Whatever would Ruth make of that!?

QM2 Afternoon Tea

8 – Enjoy a Cheeky Flutter

Before Titanic sails, Jack plays a game of poker in the pub and wins a ticket which allows him to embark.

In hindsight, he could have done without winning it as he’d have had a much longer life!

However, if you fancy a little flutter (and preferably don’t win a one-way ticket to hyperthermia), the casinos on-board the Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean ships are three of the best.

Image 8

9 – Spot an Iceberg

Don’t worry, you won’t crash into one like the ill-fated Titanic did!

You can spot them from afar on an Alaskan cruise and admire the beauty of them rather than panicking about what they did in 1912!

Extra points for spotting a polar bear.

10 – Share a Lilo

‘Never let go, Jack!’

Rose did though, didn’t she?! DIDN’T SHE!!!

Humph! We’re sure there was room on that piece of wreckage for two!

You don’t have to brave the icy depths of the ocean for this though, just the gorgeously warm swimming pool (if it’s allowed – if not, a secluded Caribbean beach with lapping waves will do the trick!).

See if you can both share a lilo and stay afloat.

If you can do that, Rose could have certainly budged up a bit on the panel she hogged, instead of letting Jack disappear into the ocean depths!

11 – Lose your Spouse

Remember all those times that Rose tried to dodge the overbearing and downright mean, Cal, to be with her true love (although it all moved pretty quickly if you ask us!) Jack?

We’re not suggesting you commit adultery with the hunky ballroom dancing ambassador, nightclub host or croupier but if you do want some quiet time (which can be difficult when living in close quarters with no land for miles) the megaships are colossal inside and out and offer plenty of square footage to lose yourself or someone else in.

If someone’s giving you a headache, hide in the spa or the sports bar and pretend that you actually did get lost on-board!

12 – Get Hot and Steamy

Gone are the days where you can sneak downstairs into the cargo hold for some rumpy pumpy – security is probably way too tight for that!

There are other ways of getting hot and steamy though, without doing anything risqué or exhibitionist-like.


By heading to the steam room, the sauna or the Jacuzzi, of course!

What else did you think we were talking about?

13 – Descend a Sweeping Staircase

Remember that beautiful scene, when Jack is waiting at the bottom of the grand staircase, waiting to take the stunning Rose’s hand?

You can do that too!

Dress to impress, organise for your other half to meet you at the bottom of the staircase at a certain time and watch their jaw fall to the floor.

The sweeping staircase onboard the QM2 would be perfect for doing just that, especially on one of the scheduled formal nights where sequins, glitz (and possibly large, blue costume diamonds!) come as standard.


These thirteen ways to be Rose and Jack are just the tip of the iceberg; all the romance and the elegance that comes part and parcel of a cruise will have you feeling like you’re on a grand Hollywood-worthy voyage throughout.

Have some fun on your cruise and become Kate and Leo for the day – it may not be an Oscar-winning rendition but it’ll certainly be something to remember.

Your heart will go on – until it’s time to leave the fantasy behind and go back to real life at least.

Altogether now, ‘Near, far, wherever you are…’

Bulletin Editor

Editor and Creative Copywriter of Cruise.co.uk's bulletin blog, bringing you cruise news, tips and guides daily! - Contact: bulletineditor@cruise.co.uk

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