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14 Travel Facts You’ve Never Heard Of And Absolutely Need To Know

14 Travel Facts You’ve Never Heard Of And Absolutely Need To Know

Us avid cruisers spend so much time researching our cruises that we become real experts on cabin choices, acceptable dining attire, which ships have the best spa collection and even which destinations are the most bucket list friendly.

But if you’re this travel crazy, why not have a few unique facts hidden up your sleeve for the next time you opt for a shared table at your evening meal or for the next sail away party where you want to be the one impressing the rest…











This is just one example of the importance of going abroad ready and prepared for the culture and different rules, so here’s the cruise rules to follow to make sure you’re matching the right etiquette…





So, which fact shocked you the most? Which one was your favourite? If you have any more weird and wonderful travel facts, please let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, discover some more facts and hacks you may have never been aware of…

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