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The Weirdest Laws Around The World You Haven’t Heard Of

The Weirdest Laws Around The World You Haven’t Heard Of

We’re all prone to a holiday faux pas or two whilst vacationing in a foreign country, things like saying the wrong word in a strange language or wearing that dreadful bikini on the beach… But did you know some of the things you may be doing could be illegal and might land you in a jail cell or faced with a hefty fine?

Where most of these laws are completely ridiculous, some of them are genuine mistakes you might make on your holiday. Read on the discover why you shouldn’t pack your favourite camo shorts if you’re going to Barbados or wear a frown in Milan!

Athens, Greece

If you’re planning a trip to the historical sites of Athens we’d recommend leaving your favourite pair of stilettos behind! High heels have been banned from the top archaeological sites to prevent damage to the structures. Fancy a nice comfortable pair of walking shoes ladies?

wearing heels in athens is illegal


Make sure your gas tank is filled to the brim before rolling onto the Autobahn in Germany, because it’s illegal to run out of petrol on it! For those thinking of grabbing their jerry can and hoofing it to the nearest station, forget it. Walking on the road is illegal as well, instead drivers are expected to sit in their car honking the horn waiting to be rescued!

against the law to run out of petrol on germany autobahn


You know the saying, ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down…’ Well that doesn’t matter if it’s after 10pm in an Apartment building in Switzerland, because yep, you guessed it. It’s illegal! The country considers it to be noise pollution, so you have no choice in the matter.

flushing the toilet in Switzerland is illegal


If you wear camouflage clothing whilst in Barbados it’s not just the fashion police that’ll be coming for you, but the actual police as well! Only members of the drug and defence forces are permitted to wear camouflage and if you break the rules you could be considered to be impersonating an officer and slapped with a heavy fine!

breaking the law wearing camouflage in Barbados

Milan, Italy

Turn those frowns upside down if you’re in Milan people! Why? There’s an old law that actually states that you’re required to smile at all times whilst in public places and if you frown you could be fined! The only times you’re exempt is during funerals or hospital visits. Imagine the smile wrinkles!

illegal not to smile in milan

Melbourne, Australia

Attention all men! In Melbourne, it’s actually illegal for a man to wear a strapless gown whilst in public. So if you’re planning on dressing to impress or slipping on one of your girlfriend’s favourite gowns after a few too many with the lads, then make sure your dress has straps on it. Where most officers don’t actively enforce this rule, it’s still on the books so it’s one to be wary of.

wearing a strapless dress is against the law for men in melbourne australia

Frankfurt, Germany

When ice skating in Frankfurt be aware that there is actually a speed limit of 50 miles per hour! While we doubt that you’ll be going at speeds in excess of this, the rule’s still there to prevent serious injury to you or others on the ice rink.

illegal to go over 50mph ice skating in frankfurt

Oklahoma, United States

When you’re at home with your dog chances are most of you have pulled weird faces to try and get a reaction out of them, right? Well, in Oklahoma it’s illegal to ‘make ugly faces at a dog’ because it’s seen as aggravating them, it can even land you a night in a jail cell!

breaking the law to make faces at dog in Oklahoma

London, United Kingdom

Don’t even think about popping your clogs whilst touring the houses of parliament. Why? Because it’s actually ILLEGAL to die in there! It’s due to the fact that it counts as a royal palace, so anyone who dies there is entitled to a state funeral… But what’s the worst they’re going to do? Kill you?

illegal to die in the houses of parliament


Despite being the country that created Sumo Wrestling there’s actually a law against being overweight in Japan! Each year Japan’s citizens have to have their waist line’s measured and if it’s over 31 inches for men or 35 inches for women you’ll get a sharp talking to by a dietician!

against the law to be overweight in Japan

Venice, Italy

Refrain from scattering your leftover crumbs in St Mark’s Square, as it’s illegal to feed the pigeons. The law was brought in to try and reduce further damage to the historical structures and to lessen the number of pigeons in the area. You will be fined if feeding them won’t land you in jail.

illegal to feed the pigeons in st marks square in Venice


Whereas in many countries chewing gum is considered to be rude or offensive, it’s actually illegal in Singapore, unless it’s medicinal! The law was brought in to maintain the country’s top cleanliness standard. Who can blame them really? We see it all over the streets, under the desks… and there’s really nothing worse than having it on the bottom of your shoe. Yuck!

illegal to chew gum in singapore


Don’t forget to switch your flip-flops for sensible shoes whilst in Spain, as it’s against the law to wear flip-flops and drive a car over there! If you really think about it, it makes sense really… they’re not exactly practical, are they?

against the law to drive in flip flops in spain


You may notice a certain trend if you’re listening to the radio in Canada, in the way that every one out of five songs appears to be by a Canadian artist. This rule was brought in to ensure that the artists got sufficient play time and to introduce the listeners to new content! Good news for any Bieber fans in the house…

law canadian artists radio

That’s our list of the weirdest laws around the world! But what do you guys think? Have you ever broken any of these laws? Or have you heard of any laws that are even more ludicrous than these?!

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