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13 Things Only An Avid Cruiser Would Know

13 Things Only An Avid Cruiser Would Know

Everyone who knows and loves cruising knows that there are certain tips and tricks that will help you have the holiday of a lifetime. There are the obvious pieces of advice such as get to your ship in plenty of time and don’t forget the sun cream, but what is it that the most avid cruisers know to avoid on a cruise? We asked our cruising community members for some advice.

What tips do they have for even the most experienced cruiser who thinks they know it all already? Read on to find out things about cruising even the most avid cruiser may not know!

The Restaurants

We all know that you should be avoiding the buffet on embarkation day as it is likely to be extremely packed. But what do those who have cruised hundreds of times between them advise?

1fifthavenue from Birmingham told us that: “If you have freedom dining or its equivalent, avoid the MDR at 7.30. In my experience it’s always the busiest time for dinner. If you haven’t booked a speciality restaurant then go to the MDR either earlier (6 ish) or later (9 ish) with the latter option you’ll probably get a table at the same time as you’d have got it by queuing at 7.30! You can then use that time to catch some entertainment or have an aperitif.”

Cooke from Ashby had an even better tip: “If your ship does hosted tables and you are invited, ask how many are going to be at the table. If it is more than eight service is likely to be slow, so if you are hoping to see a show, decline the invitation.”

After all, there’s nothing worse than slow service!

avid cruiser restaurant

Hawkinsmg had some advice concerning the speciality restaurants on-board: “If you want to try a speciality restaurant but are a little wary about it being worth the cost. Try one that’s open for lunch. It’s normally a slightly reduced menu for a fraction of the cost.”

Our cruising veteran Wilba warned us: “Don’t rush to pre book Speciality Restaurants. Usually within 48 hours of the cruise they are touting Two For One offers, BOGOF’s or similar enticements…” Remember that the next time your cruise line repeatedly emails you to entice you to the best restaurants at sea!

How To Avoid Sea Sickness

One of the er, more unusual, methods of avoiding sea sickness that we’ve heard came from Andyn from Kensworth when he said: I know that for seasoned cruisers this is nothing new but… avoid walking downstairs in an anti-clockwise direction. To avoid sea sickness always go downstairs clockwise and upstairs anti-clockwise. Obviously for any antipodean readers the opposite applies.”

Disclaimer: We’re not entirely sure this one works… Try it and let us know!

Safety First!

For the safety conscious amongst you, (which is hopefully everyone!) what did our Forum advise?

Hawkinsmg told us to: “Plan your route from your cabin to your muster point in an emergency if no electricity. I.e feel along 3 cabin doors, down two flights of stairs, turn left, out on to deck and along 3 lifeboat stations.” We like to think this advice is unnecessary – but you never know!

avid cruiser saftey

Whilst On-Board

Whilst we hope your holiday will be perfect, there will often be times where not everything goes to plan. So how should you deal with them?

Smtcan from Scarborough said: “Don’t let one niggle spoil your whole cruise. Try to get it sorted out as soon as possible. If that works, good. If it doesn’t, put it behind you and enjoy the rest of your cruise. Also, don’t be rude or condescending to the staff. They work hard and deserve your respect.”

Bradbury from Coventry also advised: “And don’t forget to pack your swimsuit in the hand luggage. You can be first in that Jacuzzi whilst you wait for your room to be ready!”

Sounds like a great idea to us!

avid cruiser argument

Be Prepared

Whilst you’d think this would be an obvious one, you’d be surprised how many people are still caught out by things like this!

Neil Down from Southampton warned us: Be prepared… There is little worse than finding out you can’t sail because visas are out of date or you left something vital behind like a passport. Or you are suddenly in a port and you have little idea of what the best thing to see or do is or the way to get to it. Or you have lost your Passport and you have no copy or even any idea of its number. Or what time you ship is due to sail plus you have no idea who the Port Agent is. I could keep going but you have the idea… Preparation is so important for relaxation, safety, fulfilment and enjoyment without worry!”

avid cruiser be prepared

Entertainment On-Board

What tips did our cruise community have about staying entertained whilst sailing and how to make the most of it? Do they have any tips for making the most of the facilities?

DUETTO from Staines said: “On a scenic sail away in warm climates have the meal delivered to your cabin and dine on the balcony enjoying the view. Always ask if you can view the bridge on sea days, many people get to visit for free.”

Andyn from Kensworth added: After trying the water slide check your attire before emerging from the pool. There is nothing that diminishes your superhero status more than some waterlogged shorts stuck round your ankles.”

avid cruiser entertainment

Drink Up

And how best to go about those drink packages that all the cruise lines push?

JC from Liverpool told us: If you purchase a Drink Package @£45 a day… make sure that you drink £45 worth morning, lunch and afternoon. The you can give it a good go in the evening,knowing it’s all free!!!!”

Disclaimer: www.Cruise.co.uk encourage responsible drinking!

avid cruiser drinks package

And last but not least? Andyn from Kensworth told us: Do not fall asleep on your chocolate…”

For more great tips, or further interaction with our most avid cruisers take a look at our forum here!

Have you heard any of these tips before? Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments below…


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