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11 Of The Craziest Reasons Cruisers Have Given For A Free Cabin Upgrade

11 Of The Craziest Reasons Cruisers Have Given For A Free Cabin Upgrade

Getting a surprise upgrade on your cruise has to be one of the most exciting things to ever happen on your holiday.

Just picture it; you’re checking in and the clerk behind the desk hands you your room key with the great news that you have, in fact, been upgraded. What could be better?

Unfortunately, over the years we’ve heard a lot of angry customers demanding their free upgrade from either us or the cruise line directly. There’s been some seriously absurd reasons for demanding one too…

It’s My Birthday

This would, of course, be fine if you weren’t lying and the cruise line didn’t know you were lying as you’d just given them your passport at check-in with your date of birth in it…

We Know We Shouldn’t Laugh But…

Every Man For Himself Of Course


Merry Christmas!

Let Us Think About That For A Second

Don’t Be ‘That’ Person

We Stopped Counting How Many Times We’ve Heard This a Long Time Ago!

Slipper Problems


You Have To Wait For The Ship To Leave Port First!

What do you think of the reasons above? Have you ever used those excuses, or similar, yourself? Have you ever been given an upgrade on your cruise? Leave us your comments below…

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