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11 Folk Remedies From The Buffet Guaranteed To Cure Your Ailments!

11 Folk Remedies From The Buffet Guaranteed To Cure Your Ailments!

Have you ever been ill on a cruise and wanted to avoid the expensive doctor’s bill? The problem is when you’re feeling under the weather you’ll do anything to feel better! So what do you do when you don’t want to spend a fortune on over-the-counter remedies or insurance claims?

And, how do you fashion a home remedy when you aren’t at home? If you find yourself in this predicament, then note these www.Cruise.co.uk home remedies from the buffet!

Here are some tips and tricks to cure your ailments, using nothing more than items you can eat…

1-Been Stung By A Wasp? Order A Pepsi

It may surprise you to learn that the alkaline in a wasp sting can be neutralised by the acidity in a Coke or Pepsi. Cover your sting in this and it’ll help to ease the pain and stinging. However, don’t pour cola on a bee’s sting as it will only make it worse!


2-My Hair’s Gone Green!

The blondes among you may have had the misfortune of green-tinged hair before after too long spent in the pool following a very recent dye job. As most people dye their hair just before they go on holiday, more people than you’d think to suffer the dreaded green glimmer.

However, the buffet can once again help! Just try adding some ketchup. Cover your hair in tomato sauce (although we’d recommend you stay in your room whilst you do this as the waiters could get a bit funny) and the red colour in the sauce will help neutralise the colour.


The chemical reaction that takes place between the acid in the sauce and the chlorine in your hair helps to remove the green, leaving you looking slightly less like a mermaid from the deep. We’d recommend leaving the sauce on for at least thirty minutes before rinsing, and voila…

3-Stung By The Dreaded Jelly

If you’ve been stung by a jellyfish- and it’s really bad- the first thing you should do is consult the ship’s doctor. However, for small and minor stings you could try bathing it in vinegar from your buffet.

Grab a few sachets and bathe the sting in it or else soak cotton wool in the vinegar and hold over the wound to relieve the pain. The acid in the vinegar neutralises the sting, the same as with coke and a wasp sting.

jelly fish

4-I’m Going To Hurl!

Some cruisers are unfortunate enough to suffer from motion sickness and suffer terribly on rough seas. If you unexpectedly become seasick on a cruise and haven’t come prepared with tablets then try eating some ginger.

It’s best in its purest form (so put down the gingerbread) and try having ginger tea or even eating crystallised ginger, as many cruisers have told us about its calming effect on stomachs.


5-My New Shoes Hurt!

Many of us buy brand new shoes for our holidays- after all, you are on holiday- but doing so can leave you with sore and blistered feet after a long day of excursions. However, old fashioned salt can help! Dissolve a few packets into a bottle of water to soak your feet in.

It’ll help to wash and clean the skin that’s been rubbed raw. Even better, just dip your feet in the sea when you’re next on a beach. Gargling salt water (preferably not from the sea) will also help soothe painful mouth ulcers.


6-You Can Use Yoghurt For What?

A more unusual use for natural yoghurt is to soothe skin ravaged by bad sunburn. Obviously, you should always take preventative measures before you go in the sun with a good sun factor but if you’ve been caught out and left burnt then smooth natural Greek yoghurt over the area to soothe your skin.

bad sunburn

7-A Reason To Love Garlic

If you’ve got the onset of a cold and have a sore throat or even if you’re feeling croaky from being too enthusiastic on the karaoke – garlic can help! If you stew the garlic in hot water (handily provided in the buffet or from the kettle in your room) and then gargle the stuff once it’s cool, your throat should be feeling better in no time!


8-How To Make It All Smell Better

If all this garlic, or the indulgent tasty food you’ve been eating, has left you with bad breath then you could try our buffet remedy to cure this.

You simply need to first gargle lemon juice and then eat plain yoghurt. The acidity of the lemon reacts with the bacteria in the yoghurt to neutralise the bacteria in your mouth that gives you bad bread. Supposedly this will keep your breath smelling better for 12 hours… alternatively though, you could just lay off the garlic.

bad breath

9-Can’t Sleep? Try This…

Another common problem when going on any holiday is that it can take you a while to get used to your bed. It doesn’t matter how comfy the bed is or how great the choice of pillows on the pillow menu, for some it will always take them several nights to get a good night’s sleep out of their new bed.

However, something to help with this is cherries. They contain melatonin which is a natural substance your body produces to regulate sleep patterns. Eating a handful a few hours before bed could help settle you off to dreamland…


10-Getting Rid Of Those Eye Bags

If you’ve lots of bags under your eyes from late-night dancing or because you lost track of time at the bar then try the old faithful method of putting tea bags under your eyes!

Easily accessible from the buffet or your room, used teabags (once cooled) can be placed over your eyes and the black tea is said to re-energise the tired skin. This might be a trick you take home with you too…


11-Heartburn Is Hell

We’ve probably all had heartburn from eating a little too much at the buffet… but strangely enough, the buffet can be the answer! Try some camomile tea, as this will help to soothe the levels of acid in your stomach that’s causing the pain.


What do you think of these tips? Feeling unwell on your cruise is the last thing you want, so which of these tricks are you noting down? What makes you feel better in no time abroad?


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