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11 Cruise Cabin Hacks For A Smooth Sailing Experience

11 Cruise Cabin Hacks For A Smooth Sailing Experience

Life on a cruise ship is an exciting experience. However, with cruise ship cabins often more compact than the equivalent hotel offering, a creative approach to organisation is vital.

But don’t fret! Adopting a few cruise cabin hacks will help you make the most of your cabin space and allow you to enjoy your time onboard fully.

In this blog, we’ll share 11 of the best cruise ship cabin hacks that maximise space, reduce clutter and add convenience to your holiday so you can remain stress-free and relaxed throughout your cruise experience.

Time spent in your cabin

Before we share our cruise ship cabin tips, let’s talk about how much time you’ll likely spend in your room. While these cruise cabin organisation and storage hacks are very helpful, don’t let the size of your cabin concern you, as you probably won’t spend that much time there!

Cruise ships are floating resorts, and there’s an array of captivating activities, inviting dining options, and enthralling entertainment waiting for you to discover. Your cabin serves as a comfortable retreat and a place to rest and recharge during your cruise, but you’ll find all the fun throughout the rest of the ship!

Best cruise storage hacks

To keep your belongings organised in your cabin, you’ll need to be a little imaginative, making use of all the small spaces. Use these cruise hacks for your room to keep it neat and tidy:

1.Utilise over-the-door shoe organisers

One of the most versatile and handy items to bring on a cruise is an over-the-door shoe organiser. Hang it on the inside of your cabin door to create extra storage space for small items like toiletries, sunscreen, sunglasses, and, of course, shoes. This idea is one of the best cruise hacks for keeping your cabin tidy and makes it easy to find what you need.

2.Pack magnetic hooks

Did you know that cruise cabin walls are often made of metal?! This fact is not just interesting; it is extremely handy. It means you can attach magnetic hooks on your cabin walls and create new places to hang your belongings.

Use this fantastic cruise cabin organisation hack to hang items like hats, lanyards, or lightweight bags. This idea not only keeps your cabin organised but also helps you keep track of essential cruise documents.

3.Use under-bed storage

Most cruise cabins have beds that can be lifted to reveal ample storage space underneath and an opportunity for another cruise storage hack! Take advantage of this hidden space by storing your suitcases, shoes, and other bulky items there. This cruise cabin tip frees up valuable floor space and keeps your cabin clutter-free.

4.Invest in space-saving packing cubes

Packing cubes are a cruise guest’s best friend. And they’re not just helpful when packing your suitcase. One of the best cruise hacks is to use them to store your belongings while onboard. You don’t even have to unpack them! Just slide them and their contents into drawers or onto the shelf.

These nifty organisers help you compartmentalise your clothes, keeping them folded neatly, and order your toiletries and accessories. Choose compression packing cubes to save even more space in your suitcase.

5.Make use of the nightstand drawers

Most cruise cabin nightstands have at least one drawer, which can often get overlooked with regard to storage. However, one of our handy cruise hacks is to use these drawers to keep small essentials within easy reach, such as your phone, chargers, reading glasses, medication and a notebook for jotting down your cruise memories.

6.Buy a hanging toiletry bag

When it comes to cruise cabin organisation hacks, a hanging toiletry bag is a game-changer. It saves counter space by hanging on a hook or towel bar and allows you to see all your toiletries at once. Plus, it’s easy to pack and unpack.

Other invaluable cruise tips and hacks

7.Bring an extension lead or USB Hub

Cruise cabins often have limited electrical outlets, which are not always in places where you need them! Make things easier by packing an extension lead or USB hub, as well as longer charging cables for your electronics. This hack allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously in the places you need them and ensures you won’t run out of battery during your cruise.

8.Opt for wrinkle-release spray instead of a steamer

Irons and steamers are banned in cruise cabins, as they are considered a fire hazard. While you’ll probably find an iron in the laundry room, you can avoid the hassle altogether by packing a wrinkle-release spray in your suitcase. A quick spritz on your clothing can help smooth out wrinkles and keep your outfits looking fresh, even after being packed for days.

9.Label your cabin door

Cruise ship hallways can often look identical, making it very easy to get disoriented. Create a custom sign for your cabin door, or use decorative magnets to make your cabin stand out. It not only helps you find your way but can also serve as a fun conversation starter with fellow cruise guests.

10.Light up your hair and skin routine

Consider bringing a small travel-size mirror with built-in LED lighting to do your hair and makeup. It can be challenging to complete your daily hair and skin routine in a dimly lit cruise cabin. Bringing a lighted mirror can make all the difference. Additionally, pack travel-size versions of your favourite beauty products to lighten your luggage, too!

11.Use an alternative card to keep the electricity on

Isn’t it frustrating when you want to leave your devices charging in your room while you go to the pool for a swim, yet the electricity goes off as soon as you remove your room card from the slot?! Well, one of the best cruise hacks is to use an alternative card.

That’s right! Any non-magnetic card will do the job: an old hotel key, a gift card, or a loyalty card will work. Just remember to remove it when it’s not needed to save energy.

By incorporating these cruise cabin tips into your travel plans, staying in a cruise ship cabin becomes effortless. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your first adventure, these cruise hacks will help you stay organised, comfortable, and prepared for a smooth sailing experience.

If you have any questions about life onboard a cruise ship, please get in contact with our cruise specialists.

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